5 Random Upvoters Will Split All SBD Earnings! | Daily Contest #5

in #contest4 years ago

This is the second free SBD competition that I will be running and the rules will be similar to the other competition! However, there will be 5 winners who split the rewards instead of just 1!
Some of you may have noticed, the 5 random used to be frequent and the 1 random used to be daily but I have decided to reverse that. So now, the 5 winners will happen once a day and the one with 1 random winner winning all SBD may happen between 0-3 times a day!


  1. Upvote!


The SBD will be distributed to one lucky winner 7-8 days after the time of this post
This giveaway will happen once per day

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Check out #arctangiveaways to participate on any previous giveaways you may have missed!


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arctan!! Thank you, your Post. i upvoted.^^

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