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How I Started My Steemit Journey

I discovered steem due to @jerrybanfield as well as @dollarvigilante. With steemit, I was intrigued by its monetisation aspect, but with it, I was also sceptical and thought to myself there is no way you can make money out of thin air and give it some value and expect it to sustain itself.

I was, of course, new to the cryptospace and steemit acted as the pathing stones for me learning about blockchain technology and how cryptocurrencies work. I guess that is one of the beauties of steemit which I have come to love. It is a place where you can learn and grow your understanding rather than somewhere you can get rich quick.

I discovered that despite the fact this money is made from thin air it is the community that adds the value to it and I started to realise how powerful each one of us really is.

One thing that surrounds and drives a great blockchain is its community. On steemit, we have a community that loves to give and receive words of encouragement. A place where you can find others with the same interests as you and form excellent relations.

Steemit gives you the platform to spread and share your experience of the world. This could include a passion you may have, and for me this is philosophy, and I'm grateful that I can interact and engage with others who have the same interest.

The Prize Pool Of The Giveaway

To celebrate reaching 1000 true followers I've decided to form a small giveaway. The prize pool isn't as big as others but I thought giving something is better than me doing nothing.

$20 Amazon Gift Card

ALL Steem Dollars Generated From This Post

I know that Steem may one day become one of the leading e-commerce sites but until that day we will have to use things like Amazon so one of the prizes will be an Amazon Gift Card, and the other will be all the SBD from this post.

How To Enter

To enter it is as easy as 123.
1. UPVOTE (+1 entry)
2. COMMENT(+1 entry)*
3. RESTEEM(+3 entries)*

*When you comment, tell me your username so I can contact you via that site or put any other contact information such as your discord usernames or anything along those lines

*Resteeming is optional, but it will help your odds in winning as it accounts for three entries into the giveaway. The giveaway will end in a weeks time on the 7th October, and the winner will be drawn around 12:00 BST

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Great, my username is @fbslo

Very kind and charitable idea! I like it, good for the Steemit community!


I'm glad that you liked the idea haha
Good Luck @tomownzu! :)


Absolutely! Keep it up, you have a new follower, I've looked at your other posts @ackrai

Good stuff :)

Congrats!! one step at a time ;)

I enjoyed your posts, food for thought :P

you impressed me so much in that scavenger hunt especially guessing the last clue, and since then I've been following you ;)

may Christmas be coming earlier this year? :DDD

Ending on the 7th of October maybe? Anyway, congratulations! And I am fishyculture in chat, also, I just don't go in there.


It seems like my giveaway ended 3 weeks ago
haha thanks for letting me know.
Changed it to the 7th of October! :)

Oh yes
I am here too Thanks to @jerrybanfield
Have a lovely time Steeming and use wish you 10.000 true followers
Keep it up

Very interesting post!

Congrats on your achievement. My steemit chat username is chamudiliyanage.


Another selfless sacrifice, thank you

great job @arckrai

great. milestone 1000 :))

This is great. I'm showing a friend about the importance of content and followers on steemit and we've both got some goals. Love the inspiration you're giving here.

ok done

A really nice tribute to steemit and what can be accomplished. This is an awesome way to celebrate a milestone...upvoted and resteemed.

Hi steemians, as this post says @arckrai Im still amazed of all the information out there cause Im new in the crypto World, I love this feeling of incertity is like playing a new video game when I was a kid, is the same exciting feeling, I haven't been so trilled for something in a very long time as I'm now with steem it

I love this idea. I might use something similar to get myself going :).

not sure I got a chance since luck is not really my friend but anyway, let's try. this is petitefrancaise giving it a try ^^ super nice to do that ! 1,2,3 done !

First of all congratulations for your work. I am also in your followers list. I think it's a interesting and best idea of giveaway. I really like it. It's innovative. My username is coolbuddy. Upvoted,commented and resteemed.

My friend I'm happy for you and congratulations. My account is Engr_Samest and my discord account is samest

Congrat buddy.


Upvoted, resteemed and commented. Thanks!

all done

That's great

My steemit username@nonoytacz

Very kind and charitable idea. My Myanmar steemit community will continue to tell.

Hello thanks for upvoting me iam a newbie here so i didnt notice ur vote....sorry but iam knowing things here so again sorry for late reply and vote....i have followed u and upvoted u hope u do the same...lets learn and earn together
god bless u take care.


muy buena idea

Amazing post Sir, Up voted...

Great post from a great member of steemit community