✨ Fun Size Contest! 💲Win $20SBD Giveaway!!! 💲

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In honor of my 700 follower and 1000 post milestone (Oh my goodness! THANK YOU! I am so honored to be a part of this stellar community. This is so amazing, you guys are AWESOMESAUCE!) I wish to give back to my Steemit Family.

Happy Independence Day to my American Steemians! And Happy July to ALL my fellow Steemians!

✨ UPDATE! The contest is closed. Jellies counted... And the Official Count is 310!!! Post coming in a few minutes!

Hello, and welcome to the Freedom Fun Sized Steemit Jellybean contest!

Guess the number of jellybeans in the jar and if you are the closest you will get $20 SBD in your account!

me jelli.JPG



To qualify:

  1. Upvote
  2. Put your guess in the comments, just one per Steemian ;)
  3. Resteem - the more this grows the larger the prize!
  4. Follow @ArbitraryKitten if you find my articles helpful-or at least entertaining ;)
  5. Have Fun and Meet New Friends and Fans in the Comment Section! ( You don't HAVE to do this, but... Why not?!)

Contest closes 12 noon Pacific Time July 4 2017. My minions will then count the jellybeans on camera and determine the winner.

If there is a tie winner will be chosen by random computer generated coin toss.

Thank you for playing and GOOD LUCK!

Thank you for your support! I love you guys!


Contest closes 12 noon Pacific Time July 4 2017. My minions will then count the jellybeans on camera and determine the winner.

If there is a tie winner will be chosen by random computer generated coin toss.

Thank you for playing and GOOD LUCK

So excited, goodluck

My guess answer is 120!

My guess it's 262 jellybeans


Upvoted, resteemed and am taking my shot at 235

242 is my guess miss kitten: restee, upvote -)

200 :)

... Is that your FINAL answer...?

lol, ok!

I guess 180 !


I'm going to go with 137. Thanks for the contest

Many thanks and much luck to you :)

My answer is 184

You amazing @arbitrarykitten!


Good Luck Paul!

easy, 342

Oooooh a video, I'll watch now..........
Wow, you're cheek bones are to die for and you're sultry voice is killing me.
Sorry, old habits ;-) Great to see and hear you though kitten.
My guess is 241
Catch ya soon babe.
Upvoted, resteemed

The boy mind. I know it well :)

Lol Ok, good luck Sparky ;)

😂 so true, I may be 50 but refuse to grow up.;-)

Thinks 173 beans in the jar please <3

221 (cause thats the magic number) ;)

221 is the magic number? Alright, good luck!



I hope we have an autistic Steemer in our community that just nails this contest! Wouldn't that just be awesome! Ok, @rainman it's go time!

That would be epic!

312...You don't even need to waste your minion's time counting...I nailed it.
upvoted and Resteemed. Thanks for the game.

I like your confidence!

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279! :)

Good, nice

Do you have a guess for the contest?

Jajajajajajaja, that sound to me like ciberbullying XD

164 heh

I think there should be about 183 in the container

Got it, good luck!

im thinking 88 :)

Good luck Scotty!

224 :) I hope no one has used this number yet, as the list is so long!! haha. EEeekk, this is exciting! Upvoted and re-steemed

Is this content or are we fundraising for a high school squash team? My guess is 17.

139 definitely 139 jelly beans in the jar. 😊

342... :D
Of course, I upvoted & resteemed! ;)

Paradise is a good place to be :)

Best of luck!

150 is my guess and upvoted :)Resteemed :)

May the Cryptos Gods smile upon thee!


Yo iba a decir ese, me ganaste :'v jajajajajajaja

326 jelly beans!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

258 jellybeans! hope i nailed it :)

thnxs, math helped a bit but it is early in the morning here, hope it wont fail me.

0_0 noooo I just said 257! :D

May the crypto fairies shine upon you!

Hello, and wonderful to meet you!

Best of luck!

May the Steem be ever in your favor :)

Upvoted, resteemed and followed♡

May fortune come your way!

Upvoted, Resteemed, jellys 127. Commented

The force is strong with this one...


Upvoted resteemed and followed
Now my guess is 163

296 jelly beans

132 is my guess, upvote and resteem, kisses!

Sweet, good luck!

Pretty cool, I'll throw out a number 237 jelly beans.
I will resteem for others to try

There are 119

I guess 96 jellybeans!

upvoted and resteemed, thank you for the contest.

upvoted, reestem, 170!

The force is strong with this one, Obiwan :)

Awesome, good luck :)

Hi kitten, there are about 190 jellybeans in the jar.


Good luck to all :)

Yes, and to you as well my friend :)

im jealous of whoever gets to eat all that candy :3

I had a rescue I called Arkadian!

My minions have a contest amongst themselves, the closest guess gets the jellies!

we both have good taste in names i see. Haha you should definitely videotape that contest. Looking forward to your next game :D

It will be caught on camera for everyone's amusement...


I think, you have 267 Jelly Bean ()

368 ^^ upvoted, resteemed and followed buddy

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Have a wonderful 4th of July celebration. Upvoted, Followed & Resteemed

follow mithrilweed.png

Sweeet!!! Good luck!!!

My guess is 224!

I watch now , upvote me
Im newcomer. I need your help. help me dude. pls follow and like me :)

Good luck!

PS. I like your username :)

I think there is 337 jellybeans in the jar! :D

Got it! Good luck :)

I wish you luck! And thanks for playing!

I say there are 215! :) i upvoted and resteemed the post.

Ok, good luck :)

Go forth and have... Good luck!

Am gonna guess 225

278 is my answer !!! Fun contest btw :)

Thank you, I'm happy you're enjoying it :) And good luck!!


Upvoted + followed!

Awesomesauce! Best of luck!

Hmmmm....jellybeans can be deceiving...there's probably more in there than I think...so I'll pick a number between 150 and 250.....I think there's 202! My final answer! :)

Ah yes, the jellies can be tricksie...

lol, ok, and good luck!

700 follower. Congratulations friend !!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much <3

I think 500 is enough..☺☺

500 on the hundred, copy that :)

my guess is 210

Best 'O luck to you!

127 is my guess :)

Awesome, good luck!!!

resteemed and upvoted too ! Very exciting!