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My favorite is Vegeta is an anti-hero always frustrated and desperately ambitious for being stronger than Goku. It has a quite original personality and is not the typical boring hero of always. He has his own style and in the end he falls in love with the planet Earth to form a family ... a very powerful family

Vegeta rules!!!

You're right @areare.
with voice of Rene Garcia your countryman.!!!

Lol people say Vegeta Skipped Super Sayian 3... But actually he didn't...

Its simply because he doesn't use Super Saiyan 3 and that he knows its Disadvantages And Flaws thats why he never uses Super Saiyan 3....

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Good criticism @latrell ... some (few) believe that Vegeta reached the level of SS3 without being transformed (I do not believe it). What if it is to applaud is that I reach the SS4 skipping SS3 many say that with a trap but he looks better than Goku ...

Lol but i think Goku looks better than Vegeta though SS4.. Or they both look cool in there own way.. My favorate is TrunksTrunks_Goes_SSJ.giftumblr_of7hzdEurK1rqe0rbo1_500.gif


Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece.
One of my best anime character.
Who's One Piece otaku here?! 😁😁
I liked his lack of intelligence and his utter fearlessness.Luffy can easily be amazed by the simplest things. In addition, during long and complex explanations of something, he immediately calls it magic.Luffy acquired the reputation of a very dangerous person because of his recklessness and even insanity.

Hey I'm an OP fan too! I luv Luffy cuz he acts so stupidly.

Hey Otaku! Luffy has so much to offer :)

I also like Monkey-chan, however I was more amazed by the vice-captain when they was in the thriller bark :D

Lol i've seen this weird Charactor alot but never really had an interest... But he looks cool...
Does he have Weird abilities or something?

He can stretch himself

for me, it's Monkey D. Luffy

Why Monkey D. Luffy?
Because, he doesn't care if his opponent is strong or weak as long as he will serve justice to anyone or save them, especially to his brother, Ace even though he will be facing the navy's admiral, he doesn't care about them as long as for his brother he does everything for him.
He always cares for his Nakama or his crew members because he save them one by one form zoro down to franky and that's the reason why his crew members love him and cared for him too especially when they landed to Thriller Barks and where they met one of the Shichibukai, Oars, Zoro asked Kuma to get Luffy's pain to transfer it to himself (Zoro) because he doesn't want their beloved captain to suffer more, Chopper was crying out loud because he thought his beloved captain would die from poison when they were about to bound on Big Mom's island. And to anyone whom he met on every island they owe and love Luffy very much. Even though he acts matured when it talks about battles or kicking some enemy's asses, Luffy is such a cute and silly person that's sometimes Nami always beat him for being such an idiot person. And also, he always believed in his dream to become the Pirate King, even if some other people laughed at him for his capacity or being capable, he doesn't care about those talks because for him he will follow his dream to become the pirate king no matter what happens.


Here's my laptop wallpaper, definitely my favorite anime character is the vice captain of the straw hat pirates, Roronoa Zoro.
Roronoa Zoro aims to be the greatest swordsman in the whole world of One Piece, I still remember the time when he meet the captain (Monkey D. Luffy), he say that whenever it interfere in his ambition to be the greatest swordsman he would definitely kill it.

"A man with a definite ambition"

On the other hand being a bad ass vice-captain of the straw hats he definitely would do offer his life for his captain's ambition.

"If I can't even protect my captain's dreams, the whatever ambition I have is nothing but talk"

Is he a Zombie or something?

he is a swordsman, he got those wound when he save his captain

Vegeta is my absolute anime hero and has made me develop through diligence and ambition.

To the few who knew the scene when he became an SJJ for the first time – he said shortly before dying:

I don't care to be better than Kakarot.

It changed my life.

Guts from Berserk
Because he is an authentic character in a dark world. Always struggling...

Nah, kidding.
He just has a badass sword.

Lol people like Vegeta i see... He is eagy and badass.. He is cool though not my favorate...
I wish they did not remove trunks though

I would say Itachi Uchiha or Vegeta are my favorites. Im an antihero type of guy. It seems som much more real when a hero has a darkside; because all things good are not as tidy as we would like the to be. They both show that you can have some terrible things happen in your life and still turn out good even if other people think your a bad guy.


Naruto has always been my favorite anime character because of his childhood. Grew up without a father and a living vessel for an unstable beast, the villagers saw Naruto as nothing more than a weapon, a monster, and a taboo. He's been used, emotionally abused, and is an outcast for as long as I can remember. After spending years fighting and bleeding for his village, his friends, and even his enemies, he finally accomplished his dream and gained everyone's respect. He became...a Hokage.

Bulma is my favorite just because... she is what she is. A perfect wife for Vegeta, a great mom for Trunks. She is a faithful friend and a fun supporter of Dragon Ball characters. She is intelligent, witty, kind and rich.

My favorite anime character is Kenshin Hemura from Ruruni Kenshin! And thats a hard spot to win because I like a lot of anime characters haha, and I tried to think of a girl who I liked more, but I really can't. Here is why I love Kenshin!:

He is a complete badass! He is the kind of badass that might kill you without blinking an eye, he has the best of skills and looks to go with them. But he is also the kind of badass who uses compassion, shrewd thought, and who is super perceptive.

He gave up killing and became a wanderer who saves people from killers! He will go to outer space and back, or to the underworld and back, to take care of his friends. Rarely does anyone die on Kenshins watch, especially the ladies, he loves to save ladies and children! Who doesn't love that?

He totally is clueless, or at least is a super amazing actor! He probably knows what is going on if he has to, but unless he has to his head is in the clouds! Oro???

He generally is a happy guy, and a really good guy. He has good intentions, tends to the chores and plays with children. He also gives pretty good advice. And don't fuck with the people he loves or watch out, he is only ever shrewd and dangerous when he needs to be, but is not cruel even then.

I could probably go on and on some more about how lovely Kenshin is, and elaborate further and use some quotes and write an essay on them. But I think this is enough to convince you Kenshin is frikin awesome! He embodies the quote "its better to be a warrior in a garden, then a gardener in a war"


I love him too


Yusuke’s growth throughout the series is incredible when you think about it; going from being a regular kid to being one of the most powerful “demons” ever is a remarkable transformation. Yusuke certainly learns a variety of Sprit techniques that he uses to defeat his many opponents, and those techniques combined with his unique fighting style make him very formidable. However, despite Yusuke’s training over the course of the story, he dies for the 2nd time in the series at the hands of Sensui. It is only when Raizen revives him in a newly awakened demon form that Yusuke attains the rank of S class. Both Raizen’s possession of Yusuke in order to defeat Sensui and Yusuke’s performance against Yomi in the Makai Tournament demonstrate that Yusuke is certainly stronger than most of the S+ demons. One can only imagine just how much power Yusuke will obtain once he is an adult, as the series ends with him having the potential to become the most powerful character in the series. That is why he became my favorite anime character of all time.

~Guts from the anime/manga Berserk. Renowned by his epithet the "Black Swordsman", is a former mercenary and branded wanderer who travels the world in a constant internal struggle between pursuing his own ends and protecting those dear to him.

This is one of my all time favorite anime's. The struggle he goes through on his journey is incredible I won't spoil the plot, but my goodness if you like sword-fights, immense amounts of blood, and the unrelenting story of a fighter. This is the one to watch! makes me want to go back a re watch them all

Yoh Asakura

Is my favorite anime character, he is the main hero of shaman king and he is accompanied by his friend Amidamaru, a spirit of a warrior. Yoh is a very calm and funny person at the same time I liked this animated series especially for the importance that they give to the spirits, and this character has been for me of the best in strength but above all in attitude

Rei Ayanami

(Neon Genesis Evangelion)
You can love or hate her, but no one can deny that Evangelion marked time, and Rei Ayanami was one of the reasons. Introverted and inexpressive, the enigmatic Eva 00 pilot plays a central role in an argument that is discussed to this day.

As the series of Evangelion passes, one can unite the clues to decipher the mysterious origin of Rei. But as is public knowledge, the end of the series sowed more doubts than certainties for what had to launch a movie (The End of Evangelion) to finish clarifying the argument. Spoil the mystery of Rei Ayanami would be a real act of cruelty so we're going to let you discover it for yourself.

she is fantastic!!

My favorite anime character is Kei Kurono from the anime Gantz :)


He is my favorite anime character because he made me feel like someone like me could be worthy of a hero and the main character. Usually people like Kei are side characters who die. A lot of gantz is from the pov of kei in his mind voice so you get his true thoughts, he's a pervert. He's selfish, and he's a coward, he's unabashedly human. But out of his cowardice, due to his fight or flight reactions he survives. He outlives his friend Kato who you'd think is the main character or hero because he's so pure and selfless, and that's what brings kato's demise. I did both your contest posts with same answer because i'm not sure its for same contest or not :)

Kyon from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu. Simply put, I think he is a brilliant character in that show. He has a very interesting personality and his sarcastic remarks made some of my favorite moments in anime. Also, he gets a lot of character development unlike 95% of male MC's.

Honorable mentions would be Haruhi herself, Keima from The World God Only Knows, Lelouch from Code Geass and Sena from Haganai (because why not).

My favorite character is Roronoa Zoro in One Piece. He is a swordsman and he has a dream to be the world greatest swordsman one day. He is so ambitious and he is even ready put his life on the line. But he is so loyal to his friends and captain. I always get the inspiration I need by remembering his personality.

Scars on the back are a swordsman's shame

It's my favourite line. He is awesome!

Ponyo would be my winner at the moment. Such a cute character, and a great way to introduce my kids to anime.

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For me it would be son Guko from dragon ball , not because his over power but because of his willingness to help others , even if his not from the planet earth he still wants to save it also Guko has a pure heart enabling him to ride the flying nimbus that only the people with the purest heart can ride it , Guko is always persevere in all things he got his strong power and body because of training hard to achieve his power. Last is he is so friendly to animals i remember that one time in which their was an event that he got late because of protecting a dinosaur that is hatching its egg. that all :)


You mean "Goku"

My favorite animated character is Popeye the sailor; I consider that one of the most viewed animated characters in the world and that we all remember and this reflects that good always prevails against any evil and that justice takes but does not forget.

Number 17

My favorite character is Number 17, before he started his life as an android he was known as Lapis, along with his twin sister Lazuli (Number 18)
Until they were kidnapped by Dr. Gero, it was created to destroy the main character of Dragon Ball Son Goku, but he did not want to be anyone's slave, and even though they put a bomb, a device to turn it off in case it was revealed against your Creator. But even that did not help, because number 17 is such a powerful character that he could still get the bomb and destroy his creator. And although he was created by an evil motive, when he was revived by the dragon spheres, he changed his personality completely, and took care of the beings of an island of exotic fauna, although he is an android proves that he also has a great attitude human and a great heart.
He possesses a great power due to the bio-mechanical and cybernetic improvements that Dr. Gero gave him, including an unlimited supply of energy and allowing him to have infinite resistance. In Dragon Ball Super, Android Number 17 is currently the strongest Android and one of the chosen ones to join Team Universe 7 for the Strength Tournament. It can be seen that he has become much stronger since his last appearance, so much so that he was still an enemy of the Z Warriors would be a big problem. He demonstrates this, he can already surpass Goku transformed into Super Saiyan and fight side by side with this transformed Super Saiyan Blue, in the strength tournament he saw the great power he has, since (in my opinion) being one of the most important characters of the team of the universe 7, repeatedly saving several participants from his same team (including goku and vegetta) and also took charge of eliminating several very strong opponents from other universes. And if you are following this new anime as I am doing, you will agree that number 17 has won the hearts of all of us

Image Source

You like Android 17 lol.... Im sooo behind Dragon Ball super you should help me😥

How can I help you? :D


Although,I'm a boy i do love barbie.
Barbie influenced my ten year old cousin to love ballet and even start attending ballet classes.
It challenged my cousin's creativity, her painting skills got better .
It made her more of a singer ,she memorised barbie songs and sings it sonorously.
Barbie made me love to love....
It makes me love to have good friends..


Haha wow didnt see that coming

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For me it is Zoro from One Piece. He showed us of what a true friend should be and it was clear after thriller bark final fight (the scene Kuma showed up to take luffy's head). Kuma's mission was to kill luffy but Zoro intervened. He was willing to die in Luffy's place because he recognize that luffy's dream was much more important despite knowing that he will surely die. When he survived, he didn't want any recognition of what he did because Luffy will feel bad for it.
There are other great scenes from Zoro like Luffy vs Ussop.
Zoro is the best character for me.

Thank you for having time to read. :)


It would be MONKEY D. LUFFY of One Piece. He is an epitome of perceiverance and strength. I also like him very much because he is full of spirit, happiness and big dreams, one of it is to become the king of pirates by making it to the Raftel and claim the one piece.

Aside from that he has so much harships and dramas in life showing the importance of companionship, friendship, brotherhood and family.

Most of all, I like him because he has this power to influence and to inspire others. I want to be like him!

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Even though I have a special affinity to the scorpio golden armor, my favorite character ever is Seiya from Saint-Seiya: Knights of the zodiac (the anime started in 1986, my year of birth). He is one of the many anime characters that teach us that you have to even die several times to protect and fight beside your friends.


The story focus on a special orphan boy who was kinda' the chosen one, but since a baby he was raised at an orphanat with several other kids to defend themselves and the entire planet from any threat that Earth could face. Embracing the greek mythology they became knights, who would swear to protect Athenas the goddess, who would reincarnate in a graceful woman. Led by Seiya, the zodiac knights faced many obstacles, and deathful sentences by superior knights and even godlike warriors (there are also good ones, if you could become one), that greedy and corrupted of power always found a way to bring dark times to the entire population. I could relate by the approach of the anime in both love and devotion, but also death, grief, loss and even the afterlife, bullying, but most important the meaning and courage to have friends who would always be ready to fight against any enemy, always by our side. I think every anime is really about this. Having the ability to grow from very difficult situations, to face adversity as many anime characters show us. It's a very strong message and example by these great authors and artists who make it possible for us to be inspired and very happy, even though it could seem a simple thing (an anime series), it isn't at all!


Thank you for letting us be a part of your work @animesocialclub, and to be able to share our thoughts with other people as well. Cheers to all of you warriors!!

PS: I would like to tag my little brothers @davvas and @javiervasquez. Again, thank you all!

love him too

Because he's the Konoha hero deserves, he loves his brother and family very much but he loves his village more peacefully. he is a quiet hero and helps in the dark and no one knows his sacrifice untul the village everyone knows he is just a traitor. images.jpeg

its the bald dud who punches people. lul


My favorite hero is ASTA from BLACK CLOVER because even though he doesn't have any magic on him he still gives his best in training and in pursuing his dreams in becoming into a WIZARD KING

images (4).jpeg

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My favorite character is Hanamichi Sakuragi from the anime Slam Dunk. He is an adolescent high school student in love, looking for lawsuits, quarrelsome and very naive what makes him look very funny. He knows basketball through a beautiful girl who falls in love, although he hated basketball because his old conquest had rejected him for a basketball player. Then he enrolls in the team of his school and begins his fight to become the best basketball player. I confess that it is the only anime I've seen, it has 101 episode and I saw them in just three days, all because of how much the character of HANAMICHI SAKURAGI likes me.

Hanamichi is too funny!!!

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images (25).jpeg

My answer is my Anime Waifu Rem From re:Zero
She's my favorite cause she's cute, beautiful and everything dreamed for a wife .. but sadly this subaru didn't appreciate that and left her ! And thats why she's my favorite character

Oh Yeah I love her character too. That series is messed up though lol

yes .. i think so too .. the protagonist was a weakling -_- .. iv'e just watched that anime till the end because of rem no kidding .. hahaha


Portuges D Ace

one of my favorite anime characters, he is a gregarious and brave man even captain of the division of the great pirate "Edward Newgate" the white fang, Ace can fire from the tubuhnya have consumed the devil mera mera no mi, still small i want to have fire power in my body

Ichigo kurosaki in bleach, i like this character because of his determination to not giving up when faced by any problem

Ichigo kurosaki in BLEACH, he always finds a way out of every problem in hand

SON GOHAN from Dragon Ball Super!!

He is intelligent, affectionate, dedicated to his wife, his daughter and his family, he is very powerful and super sexy. It has always been my anime love since I was young and I think I'm not the only one. He has something in his eyes that kills me and with his glasses much more !! One of my sexy fantasies since always.

Our super badass and sweet nerd I'm right or not girls ?!

What is Anime?

Alucard (Hellsing)
The most sadistic vampire in the history of anime. His invulnerability allows him to play with opponents, to make them believe that they have reached victory and then finish with the final blow. Undoubtedly, one of the best antiheroes of the genre.

My Favorite Anime Character is Erza Scarlet !


Because shes cool and beautiful, warm and full of passion. And also because of her requip magic, she always have an OOTD anytime and anywhere she want :DD


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I would say that Saitama is my favorite because not only does he have awesome and superhuman strength, he does not boast and respect others also a hero for fun :)

oh nice a contest :)

You got a 7.05% upvote from @steemyoda courtesy of @steemyoda!

My favourite anime character is Haruhi Fujioka, she's inspiring and there is really alot to learn from this heroine. She's independent, intelligent, very blunt and never scared to speak her mind. I also admire her passion on reaching her dreams, whether she's recognized as a boy or girl, she's just focused. And most importantly i love it when you don't be a concern to people making them worry about you which was one of her attributes.


Naruto because he is determined and motivatednaruto.jpg


Naruto because he value friendship over victory, he could have beat Sasuke if he wanted too but he didn't instead he made their last match an almost tied.

Hello @animesocialclub Nice to join this club and thank you for the awesome giveaway. My favorite and also I'm sure millions of people around the world will also be big fans for this character. The one an only cute cat that ever existed on earth is Doraemon.

Doraemon is a legendary character who witnesses the struggles of mangaka and animators who are now creating many new characters in the anime. How not, every mangaka often starts from manga fans / readers, and I'm sure they must have read Doraemon manga. I'm sure everyone who likes anime will know this character, even those who do not like anime also know this character.

Doraemon's character is made very intelligently. The design is simple but Doraemon is made as a character from the future that comes into the past. And miraculously, this character continues to live until he brings his fans to the time when Doraemon is from.

And, the conclusion is that Doraemon is Fantastic 😸

L of Death note, is the best anime character that exists, is a private detective, deciphered many complicated cases including the identity of Kira who is the character who finds the Death Note and begins to write all the names of the criminals of the Unfortunately, he could not escape from the hands of Kira when he discovers his name and murders him, but without a doubt his analytical faculties and his sense of humor make him a character that catches you in the story.

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My pick is Gon Freecss from Hunter X Hunter.
He is really badass when he does his Jajanken:Rock paper scissors move.
Also the last fight with Pitou in the series was the most beautifull fight in anime history for me.

wow!!!Son Goku is my all time favorite animé character. I really used to draw him when I was little and until now. It feels like we grew up together. hehe..
This is the latest drawing I made.. I even had a crush on him especially when he goes Super Saiyan...hehe.. he is so handsome!!!
He is also funny, and most importantly a loving husband to Chi Chi and a good father to his son Goten.
A very loyal to his friend that he will do anything to help and save them and willing to give up everything and sacrifice himself.
He is not just powerful but with a good heart within him.
A true hero comes from within...

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

My favorite character is Alucard from "Ultimate Hellsing". One of the characteristics that I like most about this character is that he is very egotistical, this is because he is immortal and almost invincible. His wolfish smile and full of sarcasm reveals the morbid pleasure and contempt that he feels when he sees those who deserve it die under the fire of their weapons. On the other hand, in the heat of the battle, Alucard deliberately restrains himself, giving his opponents a sense of strength, only to completely overwhelm them again and steal that feeling, since in reality all his enemies are for the extremely easy to kill. To conclude, his suit and the weapons he uses love me, they are unique and they are made for his personality.

I love Boku No pico!!!

Boku no pico is a Japanese series of shotacon anime OVAs produced by Natural High. The producer has described it as "the world's first Shotacon anime". The series consists of three episodes, as well as a one-shot manga chapter, a computer game and a video compilation of songs. Because of the high cost of producing anime, the characters and contents were intensively product-tested before production began.


Pico = A blonde haired boy who works part-time at his grandfather's bar in the summer. He's often shown swimming, usually naked or in a blue Speedo. He has worn girls' clothes ever since Tamotsu gave some to him as a gift.


Later, feeling hurt that Tamotsu wouldn't define their relationship, he rebels by cutting off some locks of his hair and runs away from home. The following summer, he spots Chico swimming naked in a stream while riding his bike. He soon becomes friends with Chico, who calls him oniichan (big brother) and forms a romantic and sexual relationship with him. In his relationships with both Mokkun and Chico, he is the uke, though the latter is somewhat reversible.


By Irvan Pratama @vanday

Hola soy nueva en esta gran comunidad, espero tener su apoyo, como dice el un dicho: El que se arriesga no pierde nada y el que NO se arriesga no gana... Éxito

Light Yagami ofDeath Note, All at some point we wanted to put ourselves in the place of Light Yagami, and have the death note and end the lives of all the people who do wrong in the world and impart justice everywhere. He has a cunning and coldness that makes him a demigod and manages to kill the best detective "L"

  ·  last year (edited)

Old school ... The legendary Toriton
Low profile big hearted hero..love the peace keep the world safe

Roy Mustang "The Flame Alchemist" definetilly.

Is a great character, proving how you can have a goal and work to it but never by putting aside those close to you. At the end the people you love are always more important than your life goal.

All that being said, he have the most bad ass fight scenes in the series.

The Flames of The Flame Alchemist.jpg

Sora from No Game No Life, he's a straight gangster and outsmarts everyone while always being 4 steps ahead.


My favorite Anime character is Edward Elric


Why?? Couse of his sense of protection and brotherhood. For that reason i got a tattoo on my nape whit my two best friends who are like brothers to me, of the Transmutation circle used to save his brother Alphonse's life




Definitely Gintoki Sakata from Gintama. He was known as the Shiroyasha and the White Demon during the war. After the war, he became a worker for different odd jobs with his companions (Kagura and Shinpachi). He turns from this:


to this real quick!

I like his sense of justice and his willpower. He does everything, even if it means death to him, for the sake of his 'family'. He didn't even care when his teammates hated him for obeying his teacher's wish to kill him just to save their lives. He does it, even if it means he losses the only thing that he had - friendship. He fights for his own version of truth, and doesn't care if he stumbles in the road ahead. He is the best hero you will ever see in all the history of anime. He is not just the things I've described now, but he is more than it! Best anime I watched so far.


My best anime character is Mulan, the greatest movie Disney ever made.
She demonstrated characters of strong, brave, courage, wise, creative, active, loving and faithful to her family (especially her father), Emperor and her peoples (country). Culture/tradition is never a barrier to what she intended to accomplish. Nothing is too difficult for her to accomplish... that is Mulan. Fear not of harsh criticisms what seems right to be done. She is also very sharp, intelligent and possess good decision making capabilities. Persevere in conviction, courage and compassion. Mulan.png
Mulan honour her parents.png

I'm picking a popular one but Monkey D. Luffy of One Piece.

He has the ability to turn ever his fiercest enemies into allies and personifies the will and determination needed to achieve any goal.

Most importantly he will become king of the pirates.


Spider-Man is my favorite animated character. I have loved this spider-man ever since I was a little kid. I have action figures of him watched him religiously on t.v. I have many shirts and other clothing with spider-man on it. Even when I got married I took a picture where all my grooms men were wearing heroes under our tux. We opened up our jacket to show our chest and there I was with the Spider-Man logo right in the front. My wife even surprised me by having Spider-Man put on our wedding cake. lol

I love his story and relate to it so much. He was just a teenager that loved to learn about science and people would call him a nerd or a geek and weak. Little did they know who he truly was and what he was really capable of.

Even as Spider-Man he was Peter Parker was hated by many. All he tried to do was the right thing and make his Uncle Ben proud. One of the first times I heard the saying "With great power comes great responsibility". Even though many actually did have his back it was clouded by the media and that ungrateful person Jonah Jameson. Even after Spider-Man saved his son's life.

I love that even with all the hate he still has time to make humorous remarks. Have a love life and try to be normal. So many obstacles in his life not to mention the villains his has to face. Almost dying on many occasions. He still manages to overcome no matter what the odds. Did I mention he is hilarious to me.

How I relate to him is him being misunderstood. I always felt like the black sheep of the group. Never thought people really got me. Even now I don't think people get my full intent. I love people and I genuinely care. I always try and do the right things no matter how many times people talk about me without ever really getting to know me. I feel like they see just an exterior and judge me cause I am black and I skate or I own a business. People say I am just trying to be white or I am give them typical answers when they ask to work for me. Not knowing that my company really makes no money and I do it mainly for the culture. I would love for it to be a stable thing and be able to employ all the homies and people that really need it. I can't do it though without the support of the people.

Just like spider-man I struggle day to day to keep my cool and never let someone change the way I truly am. Some people get that I am all for the love but many really don't get my motives. Just like Peter Parker is trying to make his Uncle Ben proud and never give up. I am trying to make my mom proud and never give up (she died when I was a teenager).

This is why Spider-Man will always be my favorite animated character. I feel that we have so much in common. Always having time to make jokes and put a smile on. Trying to make the world realize who we really are and what we are capable of.

lol I could have made this a whole separate blog. haha Oh Well!!!
It's All Love

Oh Yeah forgot to mention all the dope ass powers spider-man has. I always wanted to have the agility and strength that he has. Swinging from his webs around town. I always thought that would be amazing in real life. Climbing up walls like a spider. The spider sense, knowing when danger is coming.


My Favorite anime character is Shikamaru. He may not be super cool or powerful or anything like that. However I feel he is my spirit animal. He is a genius tactician but doesn't want to do anything that requires to much effort. He uses brains over brawn and tends to come out on top because of it. I just relate to much to him lol.

Stampede Vash )
A classic anime character, characterized by his absolute control of firearms and their careers from one side to another. In each escapade, for not losing your precious head, it will cause you some good laughs. Now, he is a tortured character, one of those who know too much about life, and that is why life is posed with smiles, jokes and a characteristic pacifism.
He likes guns, women and alcohol. It's something like the cool guy that everyone wants to be.

Vegeta .....amazing characxter Prince of sayen like me :P


After I've seen the anime Naruto , I was hooked with the character of Gaara of Sand. He is really a quite interesting character. Aside of his unique and strong vibe because of not having eyebrows. He is very soft and kind. He trully value his friends andhe is trying his best just to be accepted and acknowledged by the people. He had gone through different obstacles because he has monster inside of him. He was judge and isolated but he overcome it. He tried his really best and become the Kazekage of sound. He is Gaara and he is my favorite anime character.

Itachi Uchiha

My favorite Anime Character.
Itachi Uchiha
PRONOUNCED: ee-tah-chee

He gave up his life to be the darkness in order to give light, he became a villain to protect his clan’s name, he lied so his junior brother will get to hate him and will come against him for revenge and in doing so makes the junior brother stronger in order to be able to survive the world, he gave up all the worldly pleasures for the sake of his village and brother, he took all the blame and hatred upon himself so that the villagers live a peaceful life, he came back to life as a reanimated soul to come help his brother. Itachi Uchiha was not appreciated until his very death


Just like Naruto was ready to give his all for the sake of the village, Itachi did the same for his clan. Itachi is famously hated for killing his whole clan subjecting his junior brother Sasuke to a life of loneliness and hatred, but what we failed to understand was that at a very young age itachi witnessed the horrors of the war, hence he was against the coup d’tat, that his clan had planned. This coup d'tat planned by his clan against the village was not successful which brought about the ultimate judgement passed on the whole clan. Due to the fact that Itachi was not a part of this Coup, he himself requested that he should be the one to wipe out the whole clan himself, this move made him one of the most hated anime character. But if Itachi hadn't done that, Sasuke would not have been alive at all, Itachi killed everyone except his junior brother whom he loved so much, during the task he made himself known to the junior hereby creating a room of hatred, anger and quest for revenge in Sasuke. If there is something Sasuke knew far well, it was that Itachi was far stronger than he was, not just in strength, but also in tactics and decision making. Sasuke grew up hating Itachi and with the quest for revenge, he worked up himself to the extent of gaining immeasurable power that made him one of the most feared , this went exactly to Itachi's plan as he wanted his brother to be dependent.
Sasuke learnt about this, later on and not only did he forgive his brother Itachi, but also asked for his forgiveness. Itachi made me realize that there are people sacrificing themselves for us too, though we might see them as our enemies but we should not be quick to condemn and try to look deep.

Quick Facts about Itachi:
-Itachi graduated academy as a genin at 7, activated Sharinagan at 8, Chunin at 10 and was promoted to the ANBU at 11!
-Itachi became a ANBU captain at the age of 13, making him the youngest.
-Itachi wanted to die at Sasuke's hand, so Sasuke would be regarded as a hero
-In an Interview, Kishimoto said he killed Itachi because the story would not have been interesting if he lived as Itachi would easily defeat Madara. This explains that Itachi is the strongest of the Uchiha clan.
You sure can come up with your arguments too.


NARU from barakamon it's my favorite anime character, just see this face XD


its gotta be my main man vageta .people seem to forget he has saved gokus life as many times as goku has saved his .. plus his way cooler and tough as a mother fuker Screenshot_20180221-165418.png

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For me I would have to say, Avatar. It's an amazing anime show, can't say as much for the movie.
I love Avatar because he can control earth, wind, fire and water, and it's about bringing all the people together despite their different beliefs. I think this had a strong core value for me growing up in areas that were segregated, and gave me a true hope that all people can live together. Plus it's just cool, and action packed, plus I'm a nerd lol.

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very nice

Vegeta is my favorite character

The Prince of all the Saiyans, Although at the beginning of DBZ, Vegeta plays an antagonistic role, later decides to rebel against the Freezer Empire and becomes a key ally for goku and his friends, to the point that with the step Time would change their way of being, choosing to stay and live on Earth to fight with them against the imminent threats. Although he shows great pride, and is imposed on any other character in the series, shows that he has a great appreciation for his family and makes you see if he has a heart. He is a very strong character capable of catching up with Goku and even many times overcoming him. As a child he was a very strong being able to extinguish the life of all the beings of a planet by himself, seeing as if it were a training nothing else, his love for his family means that he can increase his strength much more, surpassing rivals to whom not everyone is capable of defeating, he always holds up well his title of "Prince of the Saiyans" along with his pride. Making anyone think twice about challenging him to battle.

I can dig it

Its Monkey D. Luffy

I am really amazed by how he treat his friends like a family, it gives me alot of goosebumps during thier comeback from along training ,during the death of Ace and im so thrilled how they will escape from emperor BigMom!

So RubberMan i choose you💕😂images.jpeg


Satoru Fujinuma is the best character I could think right now. If you have not read/watch Boku Dake Ga Inai Machi (Erased), you should. He has no fighting skills or anything a hero should have, but he got a big responsibility. His power are turning back time (but he can't controlled it), if there's something wrong the time itself who brings him to the past so he can fix it. Sometimes, I think he can neglect the power and just do things he wants but he immediately help people without think twice. He sacrifice himself for his friends and family. He coma for years, and by the time he woke up, he was ready to catch the killer who haunted him all this time.

My favorite one is lelouche VI britania, from code geass.

He was a strategic GOD. All the plans where anticipated and have a counter measure so he can achive his goal

Trunks of the future is the son of Bulma and Vegeta, but of an alternate future, a very tragic future full of problems, he is my favorite character because he sees how strong trunks can be, since he in his time proves to be stronger than anyone, defeating villains that no other person could, even traveling to the past to help goku and his friends in the past. Being the son of the prince of saiyans, trunks is a very strong character, and this plus the training he receives when traveling to the past shows anyone who calls him weak he is wrong, that even he was the first character to kill the villain Freezer , along with his father King Cold.
In his own temporary space, he was able to finish off many very strong rivals as the androids were and tremor prevented the awakening of majun buu. He proves to have an enormous strength, not only physical, but also internal since he has suffered the loss of many friends and even family members and yet he has never let himself be defeated so easily, he always seeks to survive and save What remains of their future and protect those who remain alive and seek peace for the earth.

My favorite anime is Sailor Mercury...here's my #original artwork of her....
I love her since high school beacuse she's not only beautiful but also has a good body complexion unlike mine..hehehe

Actually, Sailor Mercury is my lucky charm...In fact, my post regarding the process of the picture above has been curated by curie team... Thank's to her..hehehe

Shindo Hikaru from Hikaru No Go.

Probably not the most well known anime and considering the story line revolves around an esoteric board game (esoteric for Europe and the Americas at any rate) it is surprisingly engaging. In fact, I have never seen a better anime depicting the struggle for growth in the face of an eternal rival.

For those that don't recognize this common anime premise, Naruto starts with it, as he and Saske seek to improve their ninja skills while competing against each other. They are eternal rivals that drive the other to advance. Hikaru No Go is similar.

I chose Hikaru from Hikaru No Go because it is the only anime to make me cry. (I was 39 years old at the time!) When Hikaru "loses" his best friend Shusaku (not his eternal rival) I couldn't suspend the water works. I'm sure if I were to watch it again, I'd get the same result. Only this time, I could at least have some tissues on hand.

Favorite anime character goes to Koro Sensei

besides the fictional part of the anime, koro sensei inspires a true life feeling, the urge to wanna impact actual knowledge in children and adults, the urge to willingly jump into danger to save a fellow life and all the wonderful moral lessons i got from that anime. So yes, I believe Koro Sensei of THE ASSASSINATION CLASSROOM is the best anime character


Saitama from One Punch Man is my favorite anime character. Here is a guy who made the choice to become the most powerful being in the universe and followed up with his decision. However, he realizes that such power is not without its disadvantages. His life is not without struggles, and his mundane problems make him incredibly relatable. He is very noble, and awe inspiring for those who have witnessed his incredible power, but he is constantly overshadowed by other heroes who know how to cater to the crowds. But with all that, he maintains a good attitude and keeps on saving the world even if its in the background.

My favorite anime is Goku.
Because he is the most powerful of all anime.

My favorite character is, Izuku Midoriya, from boku no hero academia, I especially like it because it represents that stage insecurities that we all have ever experienced. And it is extremely captivating as he manages to overcome and become a true hero, as the story goes, he manages to master his powers, in a way, he teaches us that with effort and dedication nothing is impossible. To never give up, and be constant even in the face of adversity. (Also my hair is like his, that is also a reason) Naruto meets the same story of rejection and improvement, but in boku no hero is materialized in a more focused to the world today and life in high school. The insecurities that every young high school student feels, feeling weak, insecure, incapable, Izuku knocked down all that to make his dream come true, because his heart dictated it, sincerely I cried with the first chapter of this anime, I recommend it a lot.

My favorite anime character is Detective Conan because he is so intellegent and cute. Everytime I watch it it feels also to be a detective. I adore this anime charactef so much!


Dhampir from Vampire Hunter D. Cause he is a bad ass hybrid that kicks ass lol

Sorry dont watch anime.

I commented on the another post! I hope I didn't have to post it here too :(...

images (1).jpg

I really like the figure of Maruo Eiichirou in the anime baby steps as a character I like, why is that?
because this figure has perseverance, persistence, patience, and never give up in achieving his dream. coupled with the ability to make solid notes, clear, easy to understand, so he can learn it easily, and the ability of the eye is so incredibly sharp, so he was able to beat the flagship player in the cheese, although not getting the champion but with experience beginning to beat a seeded player is a resounding achievement

If you have ever watched this anime, you will understand the sosom of this maruo