Monday - May - 21 - STEEM - Predict the Price and You Could Win Upvote $2!

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  • I would like to invite all who are new to Steemit community platform, have basic knowledge about Crypto trading and meet the requirements listed below to participate in this contest.
  • The purpose of this contest is to help minnow accounts and encourage Community growth on this site.


  • Leave a comment with your number predictions for today’s closing prices (prices close at 02:00 UTC or 22:00 EST), and you will have a chance to win upvote $2
  • The 2 comments with the closest prediction will win ($2 per winner)
  • Tip: You can check daily closing prices at 2:00 UTC or 22:00 EST at the following website:


  1. Required: Rep at or between 40 - 60 to be eligible.
  2. This contest is valid for the first 45 comments entries only.
  3. ONLY ONE ACCOUNT PER PERSON to be eligible. (**Please do not take advantage by using multiple accounts to submit multiple entries. Let other minnow accounts have a fair chance to grow as well.)
  4. In the event of more than 2 correct prediction entries, the earliest 2 correct prediction entries will win.
  5. Edited comments will not be considered valid. If you make a mistake, delete the comment and write a new one.
  6. Comments must be submitted before 14:00 UTC or 10:00 EST to be eligible.
  7. Price predictions must have 2 decimals. Predictions with more or less than 2 decimals will not be counted. See below for examples of number format:
    1. 4.12 (**Your number must have 2 decimals)
    2. 3.9 (**More than 2 decimals will not be counted)
    3. 0.98


  • Another post for claiming rewards, rule updates, and general questions about the contest, will be created after the current contest day ends. The winners of previous contest can click HERE to claim your prizes.
  • The winners will receive their prize ($1.9 - $2.1) within the same day as the post mentioned above.
  • Yesterday’s (Sunday - May - 20 - 2018) closing price: 3.09
  • Yesterday’s (Sunday - May - 20 - 2018) list:
  • Congratulations! Here are the winners from yesterday’s contest:
    @apple96 (3.09) 1
    @summi (3.09) 2
  • Don’t forget to Resteem this post to increase your earnings from visitor traffic!

Good luck!
@angelinafx (Angelina)

Please read the description before joining the contest!





No es justo soy nivel 34 😠

¡Prueba otro constest que conozca a tu representante! lo siento

Bueno, lo haré, ni modo gracias 😢

Ah Chi oi this contest from yesterday ma. Chut xiu nua la co' result roai. The new one will be loaded in 15 minutes (May-22). ;)

Sorry em, recently em post bài later than before đúng không? are you busy?

Da ko co gi Chi. Em thuong post cai' contest la cho the next day. Ex: today contest will be for tomorrow(May-22). The May-21 contest se ended in 1 minute. Em dang ranh va dang chuan bi post bai a'.

New contest just on! (May-22), good luck nha Chi @lantracy! ;)

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