Results Mini-Quiz # 1

in contest •  5 months ago

Hello friends, congratulations to all those who took the time to research and read a bit about my Mini Quiz 1. I will close the contest sponsored by @leeuw the entries were good I was looking for someone to give an answer and it seemed to me that:

@yocoima 0.500 SBD
analyzed her answer very well using coherence and very good writing .. as a teacher, I evaluate every detail when writing Congratulations friend .. !!!

image source

Thank you very much to the other participants @luzanais and @jadnven for their answers, also very accurate, the water and its movements fill many parts of our ecosystem for plants, animals as well as for us.

Thanks friend @leeuw you are the best creator of funny contests, we wait for the next one !!

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wow nice award! we are waiting for @perlanacarada's word on my proposed December Party Puzzle!

We are going to close the year with @perlanacarada, excellent!

Thanks @andrina for the prize ..

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