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Hello friends steemit a great greeting !! I am again in the hands of my friend @leeuw so that you also win participating.
Already some know that my strength is the education given to adolescence, then the contest is a Mini Quiz which will answer my question, and who does it better and consistently or the most successful will be the winner of 0.500 SBD.

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This contest begins today and closes on Monday, December 3. then, I will announce the winner, all this magic and fun is under the patronage of @leeuw, so I will be waiting for your answers these days .. Have fun!

Mini test:

¿Why is the movement of water necessary?

It is necessary to provide this vital liquid to the subsoil and to the soil that, through its nutrients, feed the plants and the animals ....

You who believe ???

Friends we wait for your answer ..

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The marine currents are very important since they determine the type of climate of the zones in which they are found .. To others, they act as heat exchangers when transporting warm waters towards cold regions and vice versa!

Water is life, and the movement of water is important for our life, because by moving and becoming steam and rain is able to reach large dimensions of land and thus nourish our plants and thus nourish our body!
Greetings friend!!

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You're right, buddy. Water as well as oxygen plays a very important role in our ecosystem, but to vary the content, we can also say that water allows the soil to soften so that plants can spread their roots in search of nutrients.

Thanks to the constant movement of water, this element evaporates with solar energy forming part of the atmosphere.