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Blockchain is a growing list of records called blocks which are linked using cryptography. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp and transaction data.

By design, a blockchain is resistant to modification of data. It is an open distributed ledger that can record transactions between two parties efficiently and in a verifiable and permanent way, in the use of a blockchain as distributed ledger, it is typically managed by a peer to open network ( in Account every account has it ledger) collectively adding to a protocol for inter-node communication and validity new blocks. Blockchain are secure by design, it shows a distrusted computing system.

Blockchain operate on a decentralized system. By storing data across its peer to peer network It eliminates a number of risk.
Peer to peer Block chain network do not have a contrived points in system of vulnerability that computer crackers can exploit, it has no central point of failure. Block has security method which include the use of public key one of the security method of block chain include the use of public key cryptography that has a long, random looking string of numbers ( known as an address on the block chain) A public key is an address on block chain. Value tokens sent across the network are recorded as belonging to that address.
While a private key is like a password that give its owner access to their digital assets or the means to otherwise interact with various capacities that blockchain support, data stored on the blockchain is generally consider incorruptible



Xaya is the ultimate blockchain gaming platform built from the ground up to allow developers to easily build blockchain games and host them without servers.


Decentralization in the world of gaming is very important and that is exctly while XAYA decentralization is in reality. XAYA – new generation combining blockchain technology and gaming :

The gaming industry is constantly growing, becoming more and more advance as technology itself furder develope and the helps in expanding the possibilities and experiences for games worldwide. Gamer have been blessed with many gaming consoles and platforms from play station Xbox to pc.

Thanks to Xaya who has introduced today a new revolution – blockchain gaming which has a new platform that consist of a severless system, that is unstoppable and censorship resistant. These blcokchain games turn game world into Decentralized Autonomous Universe (DAU’S) giving players more control over their experience than they’ve ever had before.
Xaya (zay-ya”) blcokchain will control and manage the increasingly complex and appealing game world as well as security and simplifying the ownership, sharing and trade of virtuals assets scalable gameplay in a decentralized fashion
blockchain gaming is an exciting development poised to disrupt the industry on a global scale. Xaya is a custom blockchain, specifically for gaming, emerging as a flagship initiative, which believers that the combination of blockchain technology and videos games could be a revolution for both industries. The ultimate custom platform is specifically designed for gaming that enables real-time, costless, and infinitely scalable gameplay in a decentralized fashion. XAYA is true Blockchain gaming, using cutting edge technology to provide new genres, decentralized virtual worlds, and no central servers.
XAYA want to creat a site that will help game develpers so that every thing they need is on the plateform



What is Huntercoin?

Huntercoin is a P2P cryptocurrency which incorporates human mining. A blockchain-based alternate reality, P2P decentralized cryptocurrency game - MMOCG. Huntercoin is a Namecoin (NMC) fork.

Features of Huntercoin
42 million coins, current supply is around 16 million coins.
1 minute block time.
10 coins per block – 1 coin to miners, 8.75 coins onto the map and 0.25 coins for Crown of Fortune (see below).
Dual algorithm SHA256 + Scrypt - Each algorithm has separate difficulty, both are targeting 2 minute block time and are merge-mineable.
Difficulty retargets every block based on the last 2016 blocks (PPC style) for each algorithm separately.
Integrated chat – Not realtime, newly broadcasted messages are published when a new block is mined. They stay recorded in blockchain permanently.
Includes all relevant features of other cryptocurrencies.

Human mining – Control Hunters to harvest coins on a map using strategy, time and optionaly teamwork.
After a Hunter brings harvested coins them back to a spawn area they will materialize in player wallet. Miners will receive 10% of these "banked" coins (bank tax).

In 2013, Xaya team completed the huntercoin project bringing blockchain gaming to the world with this successful experiment with over 35,000 character interacting simultaneously in the game. It was completely autonomous and did not require any servers, becoming a 'hobby project' with a market cap over 10 million USD. The format for huntercoin at this time can be applied to whatever imaginative outlets the community behind Xaya will procure

The XAYA team is formed of leading professionals in both industries, who have worked at creating game worlds that support millions of players (through MMO) and real time trustless gameplay.
In their project they put in practice:

i. The first decentralized massively multiplayer game
ii. The first game world built on the blockchain
iii. The first human mining permissible cryptocurrency
iv. The first multi algo currency

An example of one of the genres XAYA have introduced to the platform is Human Mining. Developed during the Huntercoin project, the emerging genre consists of Blockchains which are propagated, and rewards are attainable based on players’ successes during online activities.

I Being provably fair ii. Being decentralized and authonomoes environment iii.

Mainnet Live

XAYA’s mainnet enables users to have real asset ownership, meaning they have access to their asset wallets and integrated game wallets. This allows users register names and use accounts across the games operated by XAYA.


Treat Fightter

The first game created by XAYA is due to launch on mainnet in the near future. Treat Fighter (developed by TrickyFast Studios), is a strategy MMO game where players carry out expeditions, collect resources, craft items and battle other players. Xaya is gearing up to populate their platform with games. Unlike many blockchain projects, Xaya is not a mere concept - but a reality.

Soccer Manager Crypto

Soccer Manager Crypto is another game set to launch on XAYA by the end of this year. SMC is poised to become the most popular Blockchain game upon release, with projections predicting over 50 million downloads.
Soccer Manager is a very popular soccer team managing game with millions of downloads and now expanding into China.
When Xaya partners with soccer manager, it will result to immediate exposure to millions of players for Xaya while providing Soccer Manager with a platform to offer a fully blockchain gaming experience.

By joining in and playing Soccer Manager powered by the Xaya platform, players can come as close as possible to being a real soccer manager!

Xaya is on the bleeding edge of blockchain technology, having contributed so much to the space with Huntercoin. Their experience, along with their ability to form strong partnerships will change the entire way that people game and transact in-game assets.

After all, if you are one of the top managers in Soccer Manager, you should be able to experience the wealth gained from that effort!

XAYA Ecosystem, Growth, and Revenue

Ego System was developed with multiple revenue streams in order to maintain ongoing, long term support for the XAYA Project. Xaya revenue model extends revenue potential such that the average per user (ARPU) grows over time as the XAYA ecosystem grows. Instead of approaching different aspects of the gaming ecosystem, XAYA embraces the entirety with a holistic approach that incorporates all aspects of human behavour.
Their primary marketing efforts will bring developers on board the XAYA platform. As more games are added, more gamers will participate, forming a virtuous circle as more developers are attracted to the growing XAYA user base.


The ever-famous scaling issue of cryptocurrencies and especially blockchain games can be solved on the platform Xaya through game channels. Game channels record moves on private sidechains. Digital signatures and hash-chain structures make sure that moves cannot be fraudulent or taken back. When the players agree on the outcome of the game, the rewards will be distributed via 2-of-2 multi-signature transactions. If players disagree, data in the side chain allows the honest player to prove their claim and receive their due.

The XAYA main sale is currently live!

![c667rccv.bmp] (https://cdn.steemitimages.com/DQmdGEAU1udMjKJLWsqbWXVzhRcUK86ckpLbvvSdDLiZZuP/c667rccv.bmp)


For mor information visit:

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Xaya being an
The game revenues have proven year-in and year-out that the Xaya team’s initiatives are not a waste of time and that the development of the Xaya platform is an economy waiting to emerge.

Watch this intro video

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