Follow for FREE SBD!! #2nd Round [30~50 Users]

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Here we go again! I told you guys last time I'm going to host another contest, and I'm here to deliver. Last time was a complete success. I created the contest on a smaller scale, but now I'm thinking about taking it a step forward.


Here are the rules:
Follow me, Upvote this post and Comment = I'll send you FREE SBD!

If you're already following me:
Resteem, Upvote and Comment = I'll send you FREE SBD!

Last Week's Proof:


These are only 7 contestants. This time we're doing 20~50 users!!
Good luck everyone!



Thanks!! Here's a small gift!

Thank you

Nice contest post, already followed, upvoted, commented


Thanks a lot!!

Done, followed, upvoted, commented and resteemed

Thank you so much. Looking forward to seeing you in the next contest. :)


All Done! :)

I followed you and upvote your post,am kindly waiting for the sbd you promised bro


Here it is. Thanks!

Thanks for that,I hope to gain more from you,but why is it that the sbd you sent to some people are more than that of some people

first time i contrebute in something like this!
so i hope this is real.
but follow and upvote

Follow and upvoted and resteem

And here's something for you. Thanks, tdas0.

voted, followed, commented and resteemed, good contest and to continue supporting the post

Already followed

Done, followed and upvoted. Thanks.