#CLINIC-FM CONTEST 5: Show Us Your Talent + Art! [6 SBD Prizes]

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Hello Air-Clinicians & Friends,

Can you sing, dance, act or draw? Are you funny? Talented or untalented? Boom! Join us on ClinicFm to express yourself in a special way. Plus you can also get rewarded for it.


Last 2 weeks Wednesday, we launched the first episode of Show Us Your Talent with a Sing-Song Edition. The attendance was massive and the contestants were really talented. We are proud of @Oyinoza, @Julietisrael, @Iamceezee and @Stevenson7 who participated and got prizes in that order. We are also proud of other members of the audience like @dante @jeline @nairadaddy, dayjee, @elizabethscarlet, @evansbankz, @enolife, @scarletmedia, @timmyeu, @menoski, @estherlove1, @dickiebash, @drap @sparklez @jesse12, @princeola, @mighty-prince @evansbankx @onos etcz


@ElizabethScarlet, @Jeline & Other Radioheads will be presenting another very interesting show today.


Well, the concept is to reward us all for having fun. All you have to do is to perform the required talent task on the Voice Channel and you could win some SBD!

However, performing the task is not enough. We want the masses to be the JUDGES in this contest. Hence it means that there is going to be a voting/polling process.

The person with the highest votes in the Clinic-Fm wins. We assume that that's the person most liked. There will be no admin interference in this.


Total Prize: $6 SBD
1st Prize: $3 SBD
2nd Prize: $2 SBD
3rd Prize: $1 SBD


  • This will be a special one featuring DRAWING/ART!
  • The show will feature you talented/untalented artists showing us what you got.
  • Theme: In order to avoid cheating the theme will be revealed during the show so you can draw it impromptu
  • Equipments: White paper, Pencil, pen, eraser and crayon/marker (optional).
  • No need for mega talents. We just want to see you attempt something creative.



  • Upvote this contest post.
  • Resteem this contest post.
  • Comment With "I Will Participate" & Tag 10 Of Your Steemit Friends You Are Inviting To Support You.
  • Prizes will increase as contest gains traction!


  • No need for any special talent, its all about how you package what you have.
  • Make us all laugh and have fun while doing that.
  • Invite your friends to join you during the show. The more persons you invite, the more votes you get hence the more likely that you will win the prize
  • Stay active & be yourself. Originality is a likeable feature always.


Name Of Show: Wacky Wednesday!
Show Hosts: @ElizabethScarlet, @Jeline, & Other Radioheads
Time: 8 -10pm ( May last longer...)
Venue: #Clinic-FM (Voice Channel)
Server: AIR-CLINIC Discord Server.

Let's go have fun today!

Join us on Air-Clinic Via This Link: https://discord.Gg/rqded5m



Its an opportunity for some people. I which everyone that would participate good luck.

9This sounds great.can try . What is the time zone? 8pm here ? In Bangladesh?

I will participate

I would like to tag

@kamesh @summisimeon @queeneirica @tahera @farzanaafroze @jannatmoni @elseikjay @zafrin @sharminakter @taniaislam

8pm (GMT +1)

This is awesome...kai! Really dont know how to draw oOoo...will come try sha...I will participate... Since untalented too can come and show...lol... Calling @setapart, @klynic, @raymondbruce, @winarobert, @nmalove, @florae, @gloglo, @theheralds, @nmalove, @adejoke16, @levitated-mind you guys should come see the highest artist the world has been looking for...lol! Support your boi at the air-clinic discord thiz night oOo...

Chai.. Abeg no draw ojuju calabaroo😂😂

Lol I’m coming

@miss.dara you would not want to miss this ma'am.

Nice one guys
#air-clinic to the moon

That is gonna be great, congratulations to all the last week contestants, looking forward to see the winners of this week's competition.

Is there anyone who can tell me why the discord is not working? I am a member but can only read and the message I need to be a member for at least 10 mimutes is over by ong now

Not my kind of thing. Good luck to all

Nice post and informative..m

Me parece bien! Espero poder participar

Ha! @airclinic, the last one was on singing! Since then I have been training my voice. I wanted to participate and today, you say drawing. I cant even draw a cup. Maybe next time. Hahaha. One day, lets cook