GIVEAWAY #4 == 20,000 BTS

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OUR 4th GIVEAWAY: Start a Meetup group in your city!



  1. Your new meetup group Name must be cryptocurrency-related ("Crypto Chicago" or "Blockchain Bangkok" for example).
  2. DON'T start a new Meetup group in your city if it's redundant to an existing one there.
  3. Your first Meetup must include the Title: "Blockchains & Cryptocurrencies 101" - examples can be seen here:
  4. Be sure to set related "Topics" (tags/categories) to your group such as BitShares, steem, steemit, Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Digital Currency, etc so that your group can be found easier in search results.
  5. Invite as many people as possible (mainstream media, social media, forums, etc).
  6. Get at least 8 people to physically attend your Meetup (your Meetup group's page will show the profiles of attendees) before the Deadline below.
  7. Only one reward per person per city per Meetup group is allowed, and cities must be at least 100km apart.
  8. Proof link/url and your report (on Steemit, Golos, FB, YT, a forum, etc) must be posted in the Agorise telegram group at:
  9. Please use a photo or other nice avatar of yourself on Telegram. If we are welcoming new people to Crypto (a scary place for some), we should look welcoming too. It's not required of course, but it would certainly be appreciated.


It's wise to choose a QUIET, centrally-located, free-WiFi-enabled coffee shop or meeting room for your first Meetup. Encourage attendees to bring their laptops. Greet everyone who attends, and thank them for coming.



Starting a new Meetup group in:

  • Russia = 200 BTS
  • Belarus = 400 BTS
  • Costa Rica = 400 BTS
  • Pakistan = 600 BTS
  • Kazakhstan = 600 BTS
  • Ukraine = 600 BTS
  • Greece = 600 BTS
  • Any other country = 1000 BTS



Hold your Meetup before February 22, 2018. Rewards will be sent out this day.

Note: 20 Meetup groups maximum (a maximum of 20,000 BTS will be sent out) in this giveaway, so please notify us in the telegram group asap of your Meetup group's announcement (we must see proof).
fyi, the next payout won't be this big, so setup your Meetup groups today!


Donate some quality video or photos to Agorise of your meetup which also show your support (printouts etc) and get an extra 100 BTS :)

Re-Steem and Sharing this post on other social media networks gets you a 100% Upvote, so thank you again for spreading the word. It's time the world started learning about graphene chains like Steem and Bitshares! :)

The rise of Agorism

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I'm from Kazakhstan, and we will have a better meeting of like-minded people!

Peace love and agorism


and rendersloving)


Indeed! :)

Hello Agorise,
Hope your having a great day?
Came across your post, very good idea.
Looking forward to the follow up post.

Mexico is going to have its first meetup :)

22 February. I must start plans immediately. Will be up and running in two weeks time.


Outstanding @lordjames! :)
Be sure to join us in the Agorise telegram group fast and show us your links. The 20 spots are filling up fast!
Hope to chat there with you soon :)

I am anxious to try this, but I do not have enough, enough funds, to join, because I am new in the steemit community,💔


How much funds do you need to start a local group of crypto-interested parties? Just use Facebook or something if you have a larger friends network there :)


only 1 SBD, required, to share your post, but I do not have, enough funds, I want to share it, sorry


just copy and past, bro!


this is great. and. also. good, i don't know how to go about this, i think i might try set this up. in my area, and i. would choose steemit in order to. also make i know in. my city as steem was the main reason why i have a full knowledge of what the crypto world is all. about.


Go for it! We're with you all the way. See the Twitter link in the post above for some examples.
The website is very easy to use too:


let me try plan it up i pray it turns out successful

woww, nice post gans

held the first meet up and was not included in the giveaway. This is our second meet up... Hope we qualify for entry


if we get into the giveaway we can put you down as sponsor on the meetup page, how awesome


yep, that is the BONUS mentioned above :)


The more attendees, the better. Great work @paulag! :)

Wow nice giveaway, i will definitely be a part of it.

Awesome! Resteemed it, and looking forward to the groups that form :)

I was thinking about organising something like this after I finish my studying and tests.


Where do you live mr potato man? :)

Do you have a list with upcoming meetups from this?
Thanks J