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Prior to the present time, it was as easy as ABC to get your hands on good quantities of cryptocurrency. However, many people (including me) were oblivious of this probably due to the misconception most had then that it was all scam!

Now, only a few of us are able to differentiate as to whether it is a scam or not while many still remain in the dark even though it's very evident it's not a scam.

Well, this post might actually be useful to those still ignorant but are seriously in search of every means to join the moving train of the few. Guess what?

Do you know you could be earning some bucks (in the form of cryptocurrency) regularly provided you can put your pen to work? Did you just rumbled "I'm not a good writer?" No! You can't belittle yourself on this one. All you just have to do is to learn from others and keep participating, with time, you're gonna be amazed at where you will find yourself! Despite I wasn't a good writer; I've been able to amass up to a thousand dollars from this... Ain't a joke!

You must be wondering what this is all about, huh? Yeah, it's a regular writing contest in the blockchain niche organized by a team of reasonable persons I knew as "@originalworks/ @mediaworks" but now "@Cateredontent" with the domain name;

Let's delve straight into the real deal!!!



Cateredcontent is basically an online platform open to all to participate in the writing/design contests sponsored by companies, either new or old, whose projects are being powered by the blockchain technology. The contest is beneficial to both “the companies and the participants” for the fact that we (the participants) are being rewarded fairly for our efforts and companies are ultimately promoted! Obviously, no one is at the losing ends!

Benefits To Participants

I've been actively participating in this contest ever since its inception in the past two years and I can tell you mostly a lot of things you might want to know.

First, Cateredcontent provides you an opportunity to earn while doing something you enjoy.
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Even if you don't enjoy doing it, considering the juicy prizes that accompany every contest it's gonna be part of you with time!

It gives you an opportunity to hone your writing skills by exposing you to a large number of exceptional writers from various parts of the world.

I could remember clearly, it did take me a crazily longer period of time to create a 500-word article based on the fact that it was very difficult for me to seamlessly express my ideas with words. Thanks to the then @originalworks, now @Cateredcontent.

Apart from these, [Cateredcontent](catered content) gives you the opportunity to learn the basics of cryptocurrency/blockchain since diverse topics are brought to be written on, on a regular basis which might require additional research to your residual knowledge. This would really help a lot especially if you have always wanted to learn about this niche.

Benefits To Companies

For every startup with the vision of reaching a large number of prospective customers, there is a need for marketing, especially in this era. This in its simplest form is what is being offered indirectly to companies.

Cateredcontent encourages participants to post their contents across various social networks, not limited to Medium, Steemit, Instagram, Reddit, and YouTube. Obviously, companies are being helped with Social Media Marketing which could have cost them a large amount of money compared to what is being given as rewards.

It should be known fully well that out of the various marketing strategies utilized presently, Social Media Marketing, otherwise known as SMM, has been proven effective, driving a large number of interested social media users to adopt the companies’ services.

Although the number of users currently participating in this contest is large enough to reach out to many interested and relevant individuals, continuous effort is being made by the @cateredcontent team to ensure more individuals are getting on board. Obviously, with time, there is no limitation to the number of people that will be participating in the contest, and subsequently reached!

How Winners Are Selected

To be part of the winners, you must have complied with every contest rule…


Thereafter, the submissions are passed across to their sponsor team who are left to decide the winners based on the standard best known to them.

How Participants Are Rewarded

Getting rewarded for the quality job done is very easy. No intermediaries, e.g financial institutions are required; rather, payments are being made directly via blockchain to the winners' wallet.

As far as I know, steem blockchain is mostly adopted for this purpose. So, having an account on "" is advisable. However, not all contest prizes are disbursed via steem blockchain. Some companies prefer the ethereum blockchain on which they might have their project built with their "own token." These tokens are called ERC-20. Therefore, having an ETH wallet is also encouraged.

Rewards amassed from the contest can easily be converted to fiat via reliable exchanges. Also, you could go ahead participating in trading, but, I'm sure you won't want to risk your money. Learn the rudiments first, then, trade to earn more money, and continuously participate in the contest.

How To Become A Participant

Becoming a participant is quite easy! Just…

• Go to and sign up
• Edit your profile and add an Ethereum address
• Pick an event and submit your entry
• Once the event is done, your price will arrive at your address

A ranking system has been introduced, hence, it’s gonna be more fun participating! To actively participate in this contest, do ensure you include your email address so that you can be notified of new contests or developments.

What More?

To make an inquiry, either as a Company or a Prospective Participant, you can reach the cateredcontent team via...

Summary Of The Benefits

  • It allows participants to Learn, earn and enhance their writing and research skills

  • Companies enjoy the benefit of publicity via indirect marketing since contents are posted social media. This is cheap compared to the actual marketing campaign.

  • Only relevant set of people read these publications.


Over a period of two years, Cateredcontent has been proven to be very helpful to virtually anyone and everyone through the contests they organize. It really comes with great benefits both to companies and individuals as it has been seen so far. Of course, it worth trying!

Why the delay? Go ahead and register here today!

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