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RE: Speed Reading - A wonderful skill to obtain

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Well, Steemit is the perfect place to practice reading, isn't it? I got a 614. I actually surprised myself!
EDIT: You now have a new follower. Keep posting quizzes like this!


Fully agree that this is a wonderful place to practive! Thanks for the follow!

You have a new follower here. I learned to speed read at younger age and have practiced through reading in my adult life. I got 2749 wpm with 100% comprehension. Never took a test on it before.. But speed reading is especially helpful in research so I suggest everyone try learning to improve their speed and comprehension. Thanks for article bro!

Now that is very fast reading mr @keithsmih . Like everything in life, I will start at the bottom and work my way up , word by word. Thanks for the comment!

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