Oracle of the Goose 9. #0756

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--G'day readers. Difficulties in uploading photos.
Rubbish witnesses and slack authority leave little to stay in steemit for. Here then is the prose data for Oracle of the Goose, the photos may be had by email on request :
[email protected]

--37-The Stump.
--Symbol of foundation, of a base. It indicates everything we have acquired from the experience of our forefathers (relatives, ancestors); the querent should learn to rely on these, for they ate an indestructible, solid base.

--38-The Thread.
--Symbol of a bond, a guide. The querent should let himself be guided by a circumstance, a person or a situation which will bring him where he wants to be, nearer his goal.

--39-The Round Table.
--Symbol that unity is strength. Indicates to the querent that he should gather round him people who can support him, or that he should join group that already exists working towards the common good.

--40-The Centre.
--Symbol of unity, perfection, the absolute. Indicates to the querent that either knowingly or despite himself he is at the centre of the present-day circumstances and happenings in his life, but also that of the people around h I'll m. The implication is that he has responsibilities to assume, is he ready to do so? Also invites the querent to bring together his talents and skills to work towards his goal.

--41-The Crystal.
--Symbol of idealism and the thirst for perfection. The crystal represents the mental and cognitive faculties of the querant: intuition, analytical ability, imagination, receptiveness and inspiration. However, idealism and perfectionism may be unproductive and work against the interests of the querent, because the impossibility of achieving them may undermine all his efforts.

--42-The Maze. (Labyrinth)
--Symbol of a necessary gestation. Either the querent must achieve a set objective by calling upon all his personal resources, or he must extract himself from a seemingly impossible and complex situation by being extremely careful and again using all his assets to succeed. Which ever it is, the task will be difficult.

--43-The Shield.
--Symbol of protection. Indicates the querent has nothing to fear. This is a reassuring sign which however demands that he use all his abilities and personal resources to overcome difficulties: he carries the shield. If he manages to inject all his potential into the achievement of his aims, the querent will benefit from divine protection.

--44-The Tunic.
--Symbol of the body and those passions that 'get under the skin'. Indicates that the querent is often the victim of his own feelings: jealousy and other passions that trouble his soul and make him blind. His actions, which are dictated by passion and his shortcomings, may sometimes be in complete contradiction to the deep longings if his soul.

--45-The Fifth Goose.
--This Goose announces a new beginning and an important lesson in wisdom. Now that the querent has shrugged off his weaknesses and the things that troubling his soul, he is able to follow the dictates of his heart. He should act with all his heart and soul, aware of his shortcomings and weaknesses, as well as his abilities and strengths.

''A Letter-box Saves Many Knocks.''

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