Oracle of the Goose 11. #0758

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--54-The Sixth Goose.
--This goose invites the querent to go even further along the path of his personal and intimate development. It indicates that nothing has yet been established or finished. The traps that remain along the way are there to test him, not to bring him down.

--55-The treasure.
--Symbol of material and spiritual wealth. The querent will experience a well-deserved improvement in his situation, but must beware of hidden traps; he must be careful how he uses these new benefits in life. He must not waste them.

--56-The Vagabond.
--Symbol of independence and liberty. In a way the seeker must go back to the beginning again. It foretells a fresh start in life and an important change. May also foretell a journey, a transfer or a move?

--57-Father Time.
--Symbol of rhythm. Advises the querent to live according to his own tempo, respecting his internal rhythm, so that he can moderate the mood swings that are detrimental to his projects.

--58-The Reaper or Death.
--Symbol of the end of a cycle. The querent is at a crossroads in his life, whatever the particular area (business, emotional etc). He will reap what he has sown: a bumper harvest or rotten crop depending on previous actions. This crossroads is inevitable and might be considered fated, but it is also salutary.

--59-The Spiral.
--Symbol of eternal life, fertility, evolution and accomplishment. The querent can act and live in confidence, he is evolving in the right way, and whatever his worries at the moment, he is on his way. He will achieve his desires. This is one of the best squares on the Oracle of the Goose's path.

--60-The Arch.
--Symbol of liberation and redemption. It is the bridge between what holds us back and what sets us free. If the querent is experiencing a conflict or litigation, this will be resolved. He will rapidly find a way out of his present difficulties. It may indicate a recovery from illness soon. The querent will experience deliverance, release or liberation.

--61-The Diamond.
--Symbol of perfection and purity, and also of innocence, truth and nobility of spirit. It is a very good omen for the querant: all his wishes will be realised, at least one of them to perfection, and he will benefit from the protection of Providence for a long period, several months at least.

--62-The Garden.
--Symbol of paradise lost. This square has no forecast. It invites the querent to he revitalized by the great garden of nature and also to concentrate on his own nature. The happiness he is looking for lies within: if he knows how to cultivate his inner garden, he will also cultivate the garden of his life.

--63-The Seventh Goose.
--This goose reminds us that in life nothing is ever finished; we may manage to get what we want, achieve our dreams, but life is an eternal starting-over. The mind and body of the querent move constantly, but his soul, 4th he essence of his life, never changes.

''Want Of Variety Leads To Satiety.''

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