Oracle of the Goose. 10. #0757

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--46-The Ladder.
--Symbol of regeneration. The querent's energy is at stake. He should ask himself whether he has been neglected Ed vying his health. No change whatsoever can occur if he doesn't regenerate in mind and body to maintain a healthy energy.

--47-The Lake.
--Symbol of a gestation and how appearances are deceptive. While the querent's life and situation may seem calm, he should nevertheless expect something to arise that will shake up this apparent calm and allow him to evolve. Has he not been inclined to repress or conceal the stresses of unresolved problems?

--48-The Source.
--Symbol of life and purity. It carries a warnig: if the querent doesn't 'go back to the source' of his deepest being, he may miss his destiny. It is an invitation to rediscover simplicity, purity and spontaneity of thought and action.

--49-The Five Senses.
--Symbol of the fifth sense, hearing. On this square, the rules of the Oracle of the Goose send the querent back to square 36 and square 11. He must go back on himself. To use his sixth sense for a good purpose, he must first pay attention to what he hears, but also to what he perceives with the other four senses: what he sees, touches, smells and tastes about life and the people around him. He must educate his senses so as to be their master and not their slave.

--50-The Prison.
--Symbol of a step or a passage. Many analogies with The Inn. The querent is a prisoner of himself: He must ask himself what he is tying him down and blocking his evolution. It is only by staying 'locked up' for a while in the prison of his own making that he will understand his faults and his mistakes.

--51-The Fire.
--Symbol of purification and destruction, light and blindness. Indicates an exaggeration or an intense excitement. The querent is agitated, troubled and stressed and needs to externalize his energies. There is a fire burning inside him which he would do well to control. The fire of passion (of any kind) must be channeled in order to be warm and bright.

--52-The Dice.
--Symbol of chance. The querent is given a second chance to see a project, which has experienced set-backs, succeed.

--53-The Rainbow.
--Symbol of marriage and deep union between two people. Usually for tells an emotional union, or an association with a person who has an affinity with the querent. May also foretell a reconciliation with himself: it is an encouragement to the querent to make peace with himself.

''Man Proposes, But God Disposes.''

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