Astragals 9.Oracle of the Goose 8. #0755

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--32-The Wind.
--Symbol of fickleness, the ephemeral, and instability. However also an image of the medium by which happenings and circumstances to come will arrive; they are already building up and this instrument of destiny will carry them to us. Indicates to the querent that nothing lasts, everything changes and transforms, and he should not become too attached or pay too much importance to certain things. Whether he is happy or sad, It will pass.

--33-The Unicorn.
--Symbol of purity and masculine power. Indicates a revelation to the querent, always favourable. It may be a realization or something he learns concerning himself which will bring a solution or relief.

--34-The Fountain.
--Symbol of the waters of life and youth, of eternal youth, of knowledge, of learning and immortality. Advises the querent to see things in a fresh way, and to relax. He should regain some spontaneity, and move away from rigid ideas to a different approach to problems: by standing back a little, he will more readily find solutions.

--35-The Prince.
--Symbol of future promise. Indicates a period of transition, and potential talents. Indicates to the querent that he has not yet achieved his desires and ambitions, either because he is not ready, or because circumstances are not yet in his favour. He should see himself as still in training, with further distance to travel, but with patience and perseverance he will attain his goals.

--36-The Fourth Goose.
--This Goose is an invitation to awaken our sixth sense. It emphasised the importance we should place on presentiment and premonitions. The querent should pay attention to his intuition to avoid the traps and pitfalls of life.

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--May the blessings be.