Astragals 8. Oracle of the Goose 7. #0753

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-27-The Third Goose.
--This Goose reveals a subtle fact to the querent about which he had thought nothing(or very little). The querent should be less excessive : he should be satisfied with what he does well and learn from his mistakes. It is also a reminder that nothing stays the same, everything changes and we cannot control everything; we have to know when to let go.

--28-The Nightingale.
--Symbol of springtime and renewal; but also an expression of melancholy or nostalgia. Indicates to the querent that though love delights, it can also make us blind. He should enjoy his feelings for the beloved one without letting himself be submerged by emotions that make him lose his sense of reality.

--29-The Lightning.
--Symbol of an unforeseen,unexpected happening, an upheaval or a sudden realisation. Indicates to the querent that he has observed or will very shortly observe signs of an inevitable change, which could have been foreseen, although the exact date and facts may be obscured. Urges the querent to take preventive action, not to avoid the Ed I'll memorable but to limit the damage. A sense of relief will follow.

--30-The 🌹 Rose.
--Symbol of birth and rebirth, creation, resurrection, perfect love, beauty and perfection. Something new and joyful will come into the querent's life: a child, an undertaking, a new period in his life. May also advice caution at seeing life 'through rise-coloured glasses'' and to guard against blind optimism.

--31-The Well.
--Symbol of material or spiritual wealth and true values. Encourages the seeker to find within himself the resources he is inclined to look for outside. Invites him to go deep inside himself to find the answers to his questions or solutions to his problems.

''Be Temperate In All Things.''

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