Astragals 6. Oracle of the Goose 5. #0749

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--18-The Second Goose.
--This goose elucidates the 8 squares which follow. This one teaches us the rules of social etiquette to which each of us submits with greater or lesser ease. These rules form part of our mores and also our original thought structures: reflexes and reference values that are necessary for our well-being and survival. This goose advises the querent to recall the principles and values taught since childhood: are these an advantage or obstacle for him?IMG_20180704_075833-01.jpeg

--19-The Inn.
--Symbol of a necessary stopping point. Indicates to the querent a need to call a halt Fir a moment to recharge his batteries and restore himself; he needs rest and relaxation and should take it.

--The Cockerel.
--Symbol of awakening, birth and renewal, or of pride, arrogance and presumptuousness. May indicate that the querent should avoid the temptation of conceit, but more often indicates the awakening of the querent's consciousness, or foretell an entirely new creation or a situation in his life.

--21-The Witch.
--Symbol of how the elements and principles of nature can be put to I'll use. Shows the dark side that pushes us to exert an influence, dispossess others, dominate and destroy. Indicates to the querent and aspect of his personality: he may have black thoughts which make him underhand, untruthful and manipulative. He should know that even if he is shrewd and skillful, he may be setting traps for himself.

--22-The Fairy.
--Symbol of protection. She represents the salutary good thought, an answer, or healing; she offers a way out. She indicates to the querent that he has gifts and qualities that he is not using wisely or has neglected. The Fairy invites him to change to become aware of and make use of all his abilities, and find the answer to the problem he is experiencing.

--More In-Depth Consultations.

--These consultations aim to open your eyes and other senses to aspects of the given question that you often ignore.
--In effect, the set-backs or failures of your past life are due not to your lack of ability or bad luck, but because you gave not taken into account important factors which influence how things as well as people turn out. Successful people are people who realize that everything has an importance and that chance doesn't exist.
--You will only use one due for this type of consultation, unless your token lands on squares 26 or 52, in which case you will use two dice from then until the end.

--Make a heading in your notebook (Consultation Register){e.g.: How are things going to go with Mr X? Or, Where is this relationship going? etc.} and write underneath it the number and the name of the square Yiu land on for each throw {e.g.: 3 - The Tree}, until you throw a higher number than the number if squares remaining: e.g.: you have reached square 61, and you throw a 5; your movement yes now ended.

--You will now be able to decipher all the info Ed nation contained along the definition path of the Goose. Understanding the information described by the Goose will need all your finesse and concentration. You will see that little by little your know-how will develop and that you will rapidly feel more comfortable and confident.

--However at the beginning, take your time and concentrate. Take time to note down the interpretation in your Register and don't hesitate to go back to your first readings. New factors may arise that later improve your understanding of information deciphered previously. Read and write down in your Register the meanings given in these posts. Read through all the notes you have taken, and finally, sum up each meaning by means of a symbol in a statement as short as possible.
--When all these statements have been made, write a paragraph that pulls together all the information revealed by the symbols that the Goose has indicated along its path.

--These summaries numbered 0-63 will need to be read often until you have absorbed their meanings. As time goes on you will be able to add to these and discern many nuances and variations.

''One False Step Is Ne'er Retrieved.''

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