Astragals 2. Oracle of the Goose. #0741

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--Meaning of Symbols and Interpretations.
--First set.
--Before each set appears a goose. It symbolises a passage in the life of the querent. The First, before The Door, is compulsory: it symbolises the beginning.

--0-The Door.
--Symbol of opening, departure or start off.
Indicates hesitation, a difficulty to be overcome, or a turning point where a decision must be made.
May indicate fear of the near future; question the querent's real motivation: does he want to know more? Is he ready to listen to the Oracle of the Goose?

--1-The Dragon.
--Symbol of primordial and instinctive energies that may be creative (vital drives) or destructive (uncontrolled instincts).
Indicates the seeker has many abilities that are untapped, either through awkwardness or ignorance. This potential must be realised or he will sink.
May foretell a crisis situation.

--2-The Forest.
--Symbol of the mysteries of the wild nature and, by apology, of everything that is hidden (dreams, secrets, fears, worries, etc). Indicates traps and dangers. Also indicates a plunge into the subconscious from which one might emerge refreshed but also where one might get lost.
Indicates that the querent must use all his personal resources to take an important step. He should take a step back first in order to find the right path.

--3-The Tree.
--Symbol of life, of the human being (asexual symbol, both man and woman). It's fruits are man's actions and his life before pursuing further growth. It is an encouragement to go forward, to follow his life path, taking into Q&A count past experiences.

--4-The Tower.
--Symbol of vigilance and pride.
Indicates to the querent either that he should be especially careful, or that his undertakings are over-ambitious.

--Before consulting Oracle of the Goose equip yourself with two dice (medium sized). Construct a small token to represent oneself and one to represent a querent who might ask of you an interpretation. Dedicate these to the Oracle. Using them for no other purpose. Do get a new notebook and take note of every query and throw. This is of enormous help as you go forward having combinations and seeing repeats, generally learning interpretation deeper as you practice.

''Brevity Is The Soul Of Wit.''

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--May the blessings be.

Wow @simon62, nice post, this is some really interesting stuff "Oracle of the Goose " never heard about this before!

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