5 Benefits of Installing Temporary Fencing around Construction Sites

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Construction sites, whether they are isolated or within residential neighbourhoods, come with the risk of fatal injuries and environmental contamination. Proper sectioning and enforced safety regulations minimise this risk. Which is why applying temporary fencing around construction sites has become a standard in the industry. Most domestic or industrial construction sites in Australia are required to be fenced off, especially during explosion and excavation.

The task then lies in finding the most effective fencing for your perimeter that is both durable and affordable. Depending on the construction site, various temporary fencing services will offer a solution for any job at any budget. Many companies in the industry like Hire 4 You offer temporary fencing with installation, on-time delivery and personalised solutions all at competing prices.

Below we’ve listed the five advantages of installing temporary fencing around your construction site as for both safety and affordability.

Construction site rubbish control

All construction sites and their excavation activities generate a large amount of waste. These include debris and materials, like- timber, concrete, scrap metal, electrical wiring, insulation, and chemicals. In extreme weather conditions such as storms, these waste products are blown or washed into the surrounding neighbourhood with no barriers to confine the construction site.

Temporary fence panel options like silt barriers or shade clothes reduce the spread of waste and hazards. The fencing acts as a line of defence for construction sites, even in high wind or wet areas.

Liability management

Allowing the general public to walk through and around a construction site is a huge liability that temporary fencing helps supervisors control. The fences are also key to warding off any taggers or loiterers.who may ignore warning signs. Installing a temporary fence around your construction site prevents against any unauthorised trespassers from the area along with any privacy issues.

While the fencing remains durable and resilient, the added benefit is that the fencing can be taken down quickly after the project concludes. Using customizable sizes and support strays the boundaries of the site can be clearly outlined, allowing safe and controlled access to the area.

Restricting access to danger

Residential and commercial sites contain numerous dangers and are fenced off to avoid public and unauthorised access. Construction activities are all hazardous proceeders that require only authorised personnel on the site to avoid dangerous or even life-threatening situations.

Similarly, large pieces of machinery like tractors, hauliers and concrete mixers can also cause major injuries if used by or around the general public, especially within residential areas. In bad weather or disaster-prone areas, the risk of not securely fencing off the construction area grows even more significant.

Choosing temporary fence panels with suitable height and width measurements can restrict any public access to the site while withstanding extreme weather and conditions.

Visual appeal and exposure

More often than not, construction sites are considered the eyesores of the neighbourhood. So by using temporary fencing panels with shade clothes not only will the fencing provide the site with security and privacy but hide the unsightly scene from public eyes. It’s also a cost-effective way to advertise in busy, pedestrian areas, as temporary fencing with printed shade clothes can promote construction companies.


Construction sites can often require a large amount of fencing that may become damaged or worn after use, especially during long projects. Purchasing permanent fencing that measures the width of the space can cost a significant amount of money and is often not adjustable in height or size for the future. Hiring temporary fencing, on the other hand, is a solution for any budget, allowing the correct size and paned fence on every job.

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Installing temporary fencing around construction sites offers several advantages. Firstly, it enhances security by preventing unauthorized access and safeguarding both workers and the public. Temporary fencing plays a crucial role in adhering to safety regulations, especially during Building repairs in Coventry. Secondly, it helps in maintaining a clear boundary, reducing the risk of accidents. Additionally, temporary fencing aids in better organization and management of the construction area. Moreover, it can effectively reduce theft and vandalism, ensuring the project's smooth progression.

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