Inside cable lines installed

in #construction2 years ago (edited)

Yesterday we got the inside cable lines ran

So today I will be contacting our contact at Comcast to schedule our connection. Running the cable was easy till we got to the block. Something weird happen where the hole on the back side was big enough but not on the front side where my husband was drilling from.

So @tecnoblast had to make the hold a little bigger

At this point he was slightly frustrated as this part of the installation took a lot longer than it should have. But when you are trying to fit a cable through and the back part of the outside hole in the block isn't big enough no matter how long you try to force it, it isn't gonna happen. Finally by shining a light in the hole I could see where the problem was. So he got the drill back out to make the hole a little bigger.

Because of the metal frame we needed the assistance of a hanger

So we straightened a wire hanger then taped it to the cable. So we could maneuver the cable through the hole. A few moments after my husband crawled back under the house he had the hanger through and I was able to pull it along with the cable.


Hoping they can get us finished connected this week

I miss using steemit the way I was using it before our move. I miss my internet connection very much. Last week seeing the contractors out made me so happy as it shouldn't take 6+ month to get internet.