Finally Comcast got the permits

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I am so happy I want to cry

Seriously I have only been waiting 6 month for this. I will have internet soon. Hopefully by tomorrow as we still have to run the inside cable. Now this is getting done I am sure that is what my husband will be doing tomorrow is running the cable inside the house. We are not going to pay to have it done. Especially when the job is so easy.



If you ever build a house

After you have your contractors in place. First thing you do is get permits for your electricity and set up your internet service provider or you will be like we were. We waiting almost 3 months for the electric after our house was done because noone told us this. And once we moved in to transfer the internet wasn't easy either took them over 6 months to get the permit and start the work. Which in either case wasn't the companies fault but waiting on the state to approve the permits.

Warning Warning

I am about to be on here again like I use to be so get those great articles out so I can upvote and comment on them. LOL

Seriously using a phone to connect makes it hard to enjoy the site. Can't wait to have full use of my computer again and not limited by 10 GB of data.



Wauwwwww that was a serious wait, and damn...that was something that could have been prevented right? Ouch!
Wel atleast you can rock you heart out again soon online! Enjoy!

Yeah we didn't know it would take so long. So hopefully this post will help someone out.

That is in the end the whole idea here. Helping each other out in thinking about stuff and gathering information. Good going!

Awesome! Congrats. It is a wonderful thing to have high speed access. I remember when I younger they were able to get it across the street from us, but not at our house. We were stuck with dial up. It wasn't cost effective for them build out into our area they said. It was so annoying! Good luck with the install!

I am just glad that I should have internet if not by tomorrow by the first of next week. Which means I can turn on my hotspot on my phone and blow through my 10 GB of hotspot data I get and can get off my phone.

For sure! Glad things are moving along for you though. My wife and I had wanted to build, but the cost per square footage is just too high.

We went modular as it is a lot cheaper than building on site.

We went modular
As it is a lot cheaper
Than building on site.

                 - tecnosgirl

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Gothca! I don't know as that is something we even considered. Looking back now it might have been a good idea, but we love the house we ended up in. I just wish it had more land.

We found some land that was perfect but we knew we couldn't afford to build a stick built so I started looking into other options and we lucked out the numbers worked.


I hear you! When we built, we waited two months for internet and 6 months for power! And here we need the power to have internet. No cables here! LOL The joys of building...we were our own contractors. So any delays, shortages or mistakes were ours to own. LOL

Our road is also a state road that is why they needed a permit from the state. If it was just a city road it would not have taken so long.

The wheels of government grind exceedingly slow...

My husband had to call the Utility Commission to get our electric on the city said they didn't have the permit but ten minutes later when my husband was on the phone with the Utility Commission the city called and magically the permit appearred.

Woohoo! Congrats on the good news!

I am so happy... Now we got to run the inside cable and then call comcast to have them run their line from the access point that was installed today to the house. Then screw their line into ours and boom my internet life back lol

I'm going to have to read back from the beginning.

I'm thinking of buying land and building vs buying. So i want to avoid pitfalls that you and others have experienced.

That being said, looking forward to more blogs and updates.

It has been a wild ride. We started the process at the end of August 2017 that way you don't scroll back further than needed.

Really congratulations friend, hope you got daily these kind of cryable happy news and smile forever

I really can't wait to connected through my computer to the site again. I have hated being on a limited connection it sucks so bad. It has also effected my earnings as it is hard to day trade from a phone and it is so hard to post with a keyboard meant for a fairy (that is how I see the keyboards on phones) I spend more time fixing my fat thumbs misspellings than I do writing. This response is a example took me 30 seconds to write it and 5 minutes to fix the misspellings due to fat thumbs.