Ridgeboards and Rafters - October 29, 2019 @goldenoakfarm

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David crop October 2019.jpg
The builder and his trusty music box at lunch time

Construction - ridge board all up crop October 2019.jpg

He was able to get an early start on Tuesday and got the last ridge board set.

Construction - rafters over kitchen and ridge boards crop October 2019.jpg

Then he set about putting up more rafters over the kitchen.

Construction - starting the valley crop October 2019.jpg

As he got closer to the valleys, he realized there were more miscalculations. He plans to use laminated beams in both valleys and things just weren’t lining up, even though he checked and double checked the measurements. So these will require a bit of finagling but he says it will work in the end.

I think he said he plans to build the front porch on Wednesday. But it might be rafters on the back side where he set the last ridge board.

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Nice work really! Looks very professional! Is he doing this all by himeself? It looks so big to do alone ,)

Yes, pretty much on his own. For the carrying beams and standing up walls, he had my son and I and my helper friend. But 95% is just him.

We'd planned to hire the framing done, but there was this Title 5 septic test failure, so $30K later, he's doing it on his own...

He is doing a fab job,tell him. Frustrating when things dont line up. Hubby having same problem with 1973 landrover. Our men are rather clever and handy... they always figure it out in the end.

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I call it the "John Henry" syndrome: machine/problem will NOT win....