Being in a wormhole, I was directing quickly and what speed, good that we are all excellent mathematicians. Now let's see, let's modify the environment
First alter magnetic field, shift coordinates and stabilize.
Analyzing the environment shhhhhh
Day in low light, temperature: 10 ° C
It seems that it will be a bit cold outside. It's time to leave. Ready!

There is a lot of noise here!
Oh, I see, it's a tram, people circulate in all directions.

Why would it be that the space pipes crossed here?
What do I see?
It is a person hit by a tram, which lies bloodied in the street ...
But why does that man scream so much and why do not taxis stop?
I would not damage the seat of my car, I would not stain it with blood, much less for a poor old man.
I'm going to hurry the march, I have to discover why my teacher sent me to this place.
I can observe a curious structure, it seems that it is a cathedral, but it has some tall conical towers, perfection is described in it. It certainly impresses me
Making a view of the city, I see a very well executed lizard, on the other hand there is a fence that It has a whole work of art within it.

I'm going to review some of the history of this place ...
Oh no, what I have done is part of the people who refused to help the greatest architect of this era, thanks to my prejudices, because he was dressed as a beggar, I was also guilty. He was Antoni Gaudi.

"To do things well, it is necessary: ​​first, love; second, the technique " Antoni Gaudi


I so very much love the idea of this story, and how it starts out.
It reads a little bit like a scientific report/journal entry, which is a very fresh addition to what the others have come up with! :D

What I think, however is that your "twist" is a little too mild. You've set up the plot well, but then fell short when you've only told the person affected the greatest architect of that time... I want to know how they affected it, and what changed in the architect's style because of it. So, while definitely a good story with a great opener, for the next story I would love for you to provide the reader with more detail especially in the "twist" part. :D

Thank youi very much for your entry!