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RE: Constrained Writing Contest #32 + Winners of Constrained Writing Contest #31

in #constrainedwriting2 years ago (edited)

Welp, see [censor noises] that everything was fine, I managed to sleep easy now now because I can use the word "everything" without hav [censor noises] to dig out a Thesaurus to find synonyms to "everything." Anyways here be me entry for this contest.
Also I want to point out that the 3rd place section is broken, doesn't have my entry title or link in that vicinity.


Haha! :D Yeah, prohibiting the use of everything would be a bit too much of a stretch. :P

Thank you for pointing it out! Fixing now!
Sorry for the mistake.

I'll give your entry a read closer to the end of the contest, as always.

Thank you very much for your entry! :D

Your welcome, and hope more will come to post their entries.

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