A journey into the past.

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I knew i was in deep trouble the moment i opened my eyes. The sight that greeted my eyes was not for the fainthearted. There were women and children above me speaking gibberish and they were totally naked, bare without a single item of clothing on them! Same with the children. The only covering they had was strings of bead around their waist and necks.

What have i done? I didn't plan to go this far back. The women were touching my clothes and giggling. I felt someone remove my shoes and i shouted in protest. The expression on their faces was that of fascination and a little bit of fear so they kept their distance after my scream. They kept on talking though.

Then i realised...the machine had actually worked! If only i could just get back to my lab this minute. There were some adjustments to be made.

I couldn't contain my excitement as i jumped up and down laughing happily, i think i even did a little victory dance. Loud exclamations brought me back to earth....back to my present predicament. I needed to leave this place. I had no intention of being around when the men came. It would be likely i would be on the menu for the evening meal.

I looked around and was awed. This was nature at its best, nothing beats breathing in pure fresh air with no hint of pollution. There was no single building in sight for miles . No annoying automobiles with their loud horns and dark coloured smoke from exhausts. I could get used to this quiet life. No worries about paying my bills, no worries about being homeless or even going hungry. There was food in abundance...fresh ones too.

But what would i do without my computer or internet or even the luxury of cloths which obviously was non-existent here. Tinkering was my life, there would be absolutely nothing to keep me busy here. The simple life obviously had its drawbacks.

Now to the issue at hand, going back home. How do i accomplish that? I had forgotten to create a way for me to go back! Foolish me, i had kept putting it off and now i would reap the benefit of my procrastination. I could feel my mind racing in panic. I could not stay there, there has to be a way.

Then in the distance i heard it...the war cry. The men were coming. Oh no! That was not good, i turned my back on the women and children and took to my heels. It was better to hide or even get lost than to be captured by savages. We all know what happens when they catch strange men...they end up being eaten or sacrificed to some god by the command of their shaman.

This is written for the constrained writing contest by @svashta.


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Oh boy, she really did get sent far, far, faaaar back into the past.

And yes, I'd imagine the "simple" life back then to certainly have its perks, and also drawbacks. It's definitely a tough decision to make, to let go of all we have now (the internet, so much technology, ... ... ... ) or proceed living here, in our time. And you've manage to capture that very well! As well as the threat of the savages that wouldn't hesitate to rape her, or even kill and eat her.

Well done!

Thank you very much for your entry!

Thank you so much, its my pleasure.