Yet another worse-than-worthless constitution

in constitution •  3 years ago 

My 9 year-old daughter tells me that because some kids irritated the "teacher", her third grade class was coerced into writing a "class constitution". Laying out, of course, how the kids are to behave, rather than how the "teacher" should.

Kind of the opposite of the whole idea of a constitution, but exactly how they are applied these days.

But, me being me, I told her she isn't bound by any contract she didn't agree to, no matter what anyone says.

Yeah, I'm trouble like that.



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Suggest that the kids write another Constitution to bind the teacher. See how well the teacher likes that, especially if they do it independently. that would teach the class a LOT.

find out what is considered the legal age for a contract to be binding in your country and hit the teacher with that.
Coercing children into illegal contracts probably has some repercussions somewhere along the line.
If your daughter is below the age limit then any contract she signs is not legally binding and not worth the paper it is written on.
Have fun with that!