4Chan poster, QAnon, seems to have predicted +++ in Trump tweet

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There has been an interesting turn of events in regards to the person known as QAnon, who has been posting anonymously cryptic and predictive posts on 4chan that have been constant since October 31 2017.

QAnon posted today this message. Note the times. And note the +++

Nothing is Random. Everything has meaning. +++

Only 7 minutes later Donald Trump tweeted this message; note the use of +++

It did not take long until researchers on 4chan found the connection between QAnon's posts, which are being watched closely and Donald Trump's twitter, who QAnon has eluded to is in the middle of a war against factions within the United States.

Of course, depending what time zone you are in, Trump's twitter post will change in regards to dates and times / VPN you are using etc. - Twitter adjusting the time to your own time zone. But if you want to work out the times you can confirm it yourself. 4Chan works on Zulu time. You can read what people are saying on Reddit conspiracy HERE.

So what does this mean? Well, it could of course all be a giant coincidence. But if it is real, it could give yet more gravity to the many questions that QAnon has raised. Some of which have disturbing answers.

Many of which can be read complete HERE.

Here is my video covering this from the DailyRabbithole.com:

A general rundown, although without the latest posts by QAnon can be read below:


Stay tuned. Q is revealing more and more every day!

Thank you! I have been following QAnon religiously since November. The last few days (January 18) shows stuff is really ramping up!


+++ switch from data to command mode