This could change your LIFE in 6 days.

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All I can say is WATCH these two videos for your OWN Health.

Regarding the stupid disclaimer about consulting your doctor, I would say go ahead if you want, but from what I have learned doctors in general no NOTHING about health and are actually dangerous to your health lol.

The average person is said to have THOUSANDS of these stones in their liver and gall bladder RUINING their HEALTH!!!

Found it originally through Gavin, yeah he's a little vein, but at least he is honest about it cause I am too but don't like admitting it haha! he's a good guy and looks great too!

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Earth is Flat

watch what the health

cancer is a symptom

School is indoctrination

Majority are zombies

Doctors are try there best.
If we do as they said, we are good to go.

Hey Karlmarx1013, there are some who truly care and are knowledgeable but the majority are more worried about money, the cost of their kids college, their alimony payments and are run down and worn out from stress. Many if not the majority are in poor health themselves LOL.

That'also true.
But in all we still need them, i think.

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Cool, I go to far sometimes, I just get upset at how quickly pills and irreversible surgery are prescribed to ignorant or lazy patients. People, especially young people getting their stomachs altered or tonsils removed or , intestines removed for ulcerative colitis, gall bladders removed makes me ANGRY at such body mutilation, it really really sad. BUT yes, You are Correct, I agree we do need REAL doctors. Doctors who CARE more about their patients than their bank accounts! Peace

I hope more regulation will be put forward to prevent these things in the future, doctors should be held to the highest standard

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