The Great Conspiracy is not that hard to understand.

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The Great Conspiracy is not that hard to understand. It's goal is to gradually assert creeping authoritarianism and it is half the terrible parts of human nature and half organized from the top to exploit those terrible parts of human nature.

The trauma based mind control started with the Tavistock Institute of Human relations, who began to study PTSD in troops during WWI, before they even had a name for PTSD.

Tavistock, additionally, engaged in "principles of mass persuasion" which they later named, "systems psychodynamics." Systems psychodynamics is based on Wilfred Bion's "basic assumption theory" where your basic assumptions are manipulated to control how you vote.

The goal, as far as manipulating your point of view, is to prevent you from caring about corruption through diffusion of responsibility, and to control who you vote for. This is where it gets annoying for some people. The ideal manipulation isn't to make everyone vote the same. The ideal manipulation is to make half the population vote one way and the other half vote the other way. There is never supposed to be a strong majority to lead the way, because things would actually get done and a single party could eliminate all of the corrupt officials in other parties (the checks and balances we are SUPPOSED to have.)

I don't want you to get too tied up with Tavistock, because they are far from the only game in town. But they are a good working model of a think tank that employs a lot of basic psychological principles, like self-fulfilling prophecy. It gets weird, though, because they looked for psychological principles to explain black magic. The first psychologists were occultists. "Self fulfilling prophecy" is the psychological term that refers to the individual level of "social dreaming." Since researchers began to stumble on Tavistock, after the election, Wikipedia has removed their social dreaming page and the Internet, at large, has seen the disappearance of a lot other Tavistock documentation, like pieces of their "wartime archives" which aren't even on archive sites, anymore.

The reason you should know about social dreaming is because it is, essentially, a black magic spell, where you say something that isn't true or hasn't happened (while in a group of people) to invoke the principles behind self-fulfilling prophecy. This is how and why "double speak" works and why you see so many "double speak" titles in media. They are, essentially, casting black magic on you because, even if you don't fall for the ploy, you are angered and succumb to negativity to the extent you appear "angry" or "obsessed" so that you can be discredited.

Tavistock was preceded by the Coefficients Dining Club, who planned World War I to "cooperatively make the world more efficient." Their minutes are still available, today, in London, where you can see them, yourself. Freud had started his own Wednesday Psychology club and held meetings in Vienna. He was doing this the same time Stalin, Hitler and Trotsky were also in Vienna. That group would, eventually, become an International Association of Psychologists and expand across the globe.

Dr. Ewan Cameron was the president of the Canadian chapter of these psychologists when he began unethical experimentation on children, later called "MK Ultra." But, again, this has black magic origins. Torturing a child in a specific way shatters their mind, as a defense mechanism, and creates multiple personalities. He was working for Tavistock, in a compartmentalized manner, who was working for Bob Bannerman and Morris "Morse" Allen of the CIA. They didn't just stumble across torturing kids, they merely studied a behavior that was already being done.

Joseph Smith, founder of the Mormon church, used social dreaming to make people "see" the golden plates with their "mind's eye." So, what Tavistock is doing, is they are studying how to explain this religious and ritual behavior in a psychological way. Again, they aren't the only game in town.

What this all boils down to is that you, yourself, are somewhat MK Ultra'd. You can't really be exposed to mainstream media, movies, music, the Internet, without your synapses being manipulated on a biological level.

In order to get around it, you really have to "white magic" yourself, but that doesn't mean trapping yourself in delusional positivism, it is more about embracing neutrality and knowing that the most powerfully cast spell is when you calmly, confidently tell the truth about bad behavior.

The black magic gets worse, though, as many have seen from a variety of documents regarding MK Ultra and related projects. But, notice in Tavistock literature and CIA documents, they are still using a great deal of double speak. After reading enough if this type of material, it is easy to start seeing how they arrange language to tell the truth and lie in the same sentence.

The dark web saw some interesting releases, years ago, that revealed MK Ultra was continued in a compartmentalized fashion into Chickwit, Artichoke, MKNaomi, MkSearch, etc. An integral part of trauma based mind control is sexual abuse, prolonged sensory deprivation, torture and we see this in nearly every star, today. The most acute way to control someone is to give them a cocktail of scopolamine, benzodiazepam and an anti-seaizure medication, where they essentially become a mind control zombie. Even if you have never put someone through MK Ultra, you can still calmly instruct them to empty out their ATM or participate in their own rape, when given this cocktail that nearly anyone can get a hold of and make, themselves.

By hyper-controlling people in the spotlight in news, sports, movies and TV, you are essentially tricked into adopting basic assumptions that the occultists want you to believe in.

Getting you to "act" is a simple three step plan they contrived in the 40s but applies to tap apps, today. Create a basic assumption, trigger an extreme emotion using that assumption, then call to action (usually, vote.)

Either way, it is possible this goes all the way back to the cult of the Elephantine Isle, where Eratosthenes correctly measured the circumference of the earth using the shadow of a red granite obelisk in Aswan, Egypt (the only place to get red granite in the ancient world). This cult used a trinity as a religion to control their people and when they conquered new ones, they allowed them to have their own deities, but more as saints underneath their trinity. This red granite obelisk was moved to Alexandria, which was sacked by Augustus, who took it to Rome and put it on top of the Necropolis that the Vatican stands on, today. The obelisk used to have the story of creation on it, but it was scraped off around the 1500s. Prior to the Vatican being there, the Circus of Nero is where they did public sacrifices, essentially. So, what you have is an homage to the original psychology cult whose tricks were finally translated into psychobabble and implemented upon the masses.

From an intelligence perspective, you have a problem where you need to convince people to defy common sense and keep secrets. The best way to do this is to recruit cultists who are blindly obedient. To that end, Tavistock and others created fake cults that were specifically designed to infiltrate other cults. One example is the Process Church of Final Judgment. Tavistock created this fake cult whose theology was to combine all the god forms into one person (yourself). The Process church infiltrated Scientology, right away. Then, the Bohemian Grove and the Manson cult. They eventually co-opted Santa Muerta cults in Mexico before moving onto Voodoo cults in the Caribbean. Their theology, or a close facsimile, now rules a number of cults for the Crown, where the occultists, themselves, are dupes.

But they don't know that. By using symbols everywhere to communicate their cult is powerful, they think THEIR CULT is in charge, but they are all using the same symbols.

Why do mass shootings happen? Why does this corruption happen "in your face"? The occult explanation is that they are passing on their bad karma to you, where you are a passive, consensual participant. You like the famous people. You want to be like them. Etc. But, it is worse than you think. They have to put it in everyone's face to demonstrate their power, otherwise their cult wouldn't last very long. So, for every victory against them, you can expect a drastic reaction, in turn.

Again, the solution here is the most basic form of white magic. Spelling out the truth in a calm, confident manner.

Many are familiar with the Stanford Prison Experiment... essentially a Tavistock experiment... that shows we all have, within ourselves, multiple roles and personalities we can access. You don't have to torture people to bring that out. The torture is needed to make a slave, though. You are free, within yourself, to access your own "god forms." I don't believe in magic. I think psychology is a lot of psychobabble where everyone is designed to be deficient, in some way. But I do believe in neuroscience, so it has taken me a long time to really understand how to communicate my ideas.

Multiple Personalities is almost a misnomer. They are extreme states of mind, relative to each other, where a sufferer cannot even access the neural pathways to other memories they have. You are no different. When you get emotional and allow a news article to make you emotional, you activate the more primitive parts of your mind, stealing electrochemical energy from the part that makes you human, the part on the front that no other creature has. Junk food. A sedentary life. Electronic screen dopamine traps. Pornography. Drugs. These things and more all work together, designed by people you will never meet and never know about, to steal your humanity and make you more of an easily controlled animal.

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good research. the answer to their black magic is not 'white magic' but Jesus Christ. peace.