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Get up 5:00 am. Grab a cup of coffee while checking the Crypto-Market. Feed/Water and let dogs out. Hop in the shower, get myself "society-presentable". Get the car started and lock up the house. Head to work. Work 8+ hours "crunching them numbers" (ElectroCutie to the rescue) and fight traffic to come home. Log on to T.B.L to post articles and check on members. Pull up Crypto-Market (did I lose more money today?). Log in to Steemit, produce more articles. Make dinner...Oh crap I forgot the dogs. Let frozen dogs back in, eat dinner. Check T.B.L and steemit again... then the next thing I know it is midnight and time to go to bed. Rinse and repeat and Rin.... HOLD IT. I need to unwind. Yes that is a typical day in my (ElectroCutie) shoes.


The life of a Truther that really believes in getting the truth out there to those that are ready to see is very boring. Some of us work normal jobs for income, but when we are not out there we are researching and creating articles for peoples viewing pleasure. I am lucky because I am not alone in my hunt for the truth. My partner has the same day as I do but where I go to a 9 to 5 so to speak, he is busy busting his butt working the Crypto-Markets, plus serving as admin for T.B.L, commenting, replying and producing content for steemit and our website. Just like you, we have days that a long and rough. We also need to let off steem...(no pun intended ^ ^) let all the worries from the world escape our minds... How do we do that one might ask... well we game. We play Final Fantasy .

Gme us.jpg
This is us back in Final Fantasy XI2002

and years later (2017) in FFXIV

Nothing like beating a primal to unleash all the bad things we learned. So how do you unwind? Is there a special game or song that does it for you? Or do you have a guilty pleasure ? As always thank you for reading this article. Please share your thoughts, comments and concerns below. If you liked this article you can check out more on our steemit page @truthbeyondlies or visit us directly at T.B.L.

Now off to slay a dragon ^^

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good article
thank you for sharing

you should try PUBG

I don't know how I missed this one. Does it play like "Tribes" with vehicles and such? The current games that we play are final fantasy, Overwatch (because Heros never die ^ ^) and Heros of the Storm.

no it's a shooting game :) make a team and shoot other team.But it is so amazing

will you mind following me back ?

Not a problem, just did and thank you once again ^ ^

thanks :)


Seeking the truth these days is like seeking water in the desert. Very hard and very lonely.

I agree whole-heartedly. There always must be a way to "Unwind" and relax. You can be alienated and ostracized from surrounding peers very easily when you are a truth seeker but that is usually how it goes when you're the one out of 5 trying to tell them that the sky is falling. 2 will always be hit by falling debris but the few who listen are what makes it all worthwhile. Truth-Seeking is not fear mongering but rather an exchange of knowledge that can be beneficial and sometimes all that stands in the way helping you avoid the detrimental consequences of being one of the people who scoff and say "You're full of it" or "What a load of ****" We are lucky to have found each other and share this journey with one another and sometimes it is still a very lonely world but there are always those who understand and know exactly where you are coming from. In the meantime a video game or a good movie does help pass the time. ^ ^

FFXIV it's nice photo.

Thank you. Do you play?