3 New California Bills that will attack both the Freedom of Speech and Religion

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Once again, we've stumbled upon yet two more issues that we had to make people aware of and it should come as no surprise for those who have kept their ears peeled that it centers around California trying to pass not one but two new bills. Recently we posted this article Freedom of Speech on the World Wide Web: Under Assault which is an article about California bill number SB=1424 which is waiting its hearing date of May 8th, 2018. If passed, the residents of California would not be able to post anything on the internet unless it goes through a third party which would fact-check the post. If the “post” is not what they deem to be “factual” then a penalty would be issued (One of the major problems with this bill is that it is very vague with its wording on said penalties and leaves a lot of unanswered questions…see the original article for more details). Now T.B.L brings you Assembly Bills 2943 and AB-2119.


Assembly Bill AB-2743: This bill which appears to be on the fast(approval)-track would theoretically outlaw helping ANYONE with unwanted same-sex desires or gender confusion with traditional views. That is just what is on the surface of this bill. There is an underlining layer that this bill could also ban Holy Scriptures! The bill in question states that it will prohibit resources concerning treatment or ministry in order to reduce or eliminate same sex attraction or gender dysphoria. Essentially, conferences, counseling, teaching, BOOKS, or PUBLICATIONS, wherever money is exchanged for resources, would be prohibited. Take a moment to wrap your minds around this bill that would amend California’s law to include “sexual orientation change efforts” under the “Consumer Legal Remedies Act”. Making anyone that believes in a traditional understanding of marriage and sexuality susceptible to a law suit…Are everyone receiving these same rights? Is everyone not to see that they are taking all of ours right to religious freedom away with little minute technicalities? Are we not to pay attention that this bill could ban holy scriptures (The Bible, the Torah, the Qur’an etc.)? One might even point out that while this bill is only banning traditional views it is not banning non-traditional views. It could be implied that this bill possibly even supports the encouragement of non-traditional views. Which would bring us to the next bill in question:


Assembly Bill AB-2119 which is a bill for Foster care that will grant “gender affirming” health care (such as counseling, drugs, and operations). Now wait just a second…. We have bill AB-2743 that bans counseling traditional views regarding this, and this bill (AB-2119) makes sure that children have access to non-traditional (affirming) counseling (their words, not ours)? There is no mention in the bill that there are medical professionals whom have taken it upon themselves to question the scientific evidence used to support the puberty blocking drugs on children and some have even gone as far as to call it child abuse. The same medical professionals whom have also question the wisdom behind encouraging young children to identify as the opposite sex when because studies have shown that when they grow older they have been reported to find that their gender is aligned with their innate sex and sexual orientation respectively. As of right now in CA, biological parents still retain the authority to make medical decisions for their child(ren) while in foster care, if this passes it will override that authority. This would also prohibit counseling aimed to align a child’s assigned sex at birth and gender identity. Meaning if a six year old male boy tells his parents that he is a girl no attempt can be made to tell him he is a boy.


What are your thoughts? Do you support or oppose these bills? Do you think this MAY have something with splitting California up into 3 states? We really would like to hear from you about your thoughts, comments and/or concerns about this below. As always, we thank you for taking your time to read our article. If you would like to see more of our work, please visit or steemit page @truthbeyondlies or come visit our website T.B.L

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This clearly goes towards the agenda as revealed by Dr. Richard Day. For anyone unfamiliar with this agenda, I'd encourage you to read and get surprised. The children in the future will be created in labs, the future human being will be gender less. To accomplish that, the idea of gender must be destroyed and corrupted. Looks as if they get serious now. While we are distracted by stupid stories about chemical weapons and Q anon and whatever, they built the legal framework to make their vision possible. Brave New World.

Partner here - WOW. I did go to the website and read a few articles. You are correct, mind blowing. This does fit into what Dr. Day has said and if that is what they are doing, yes we are seeing the "ground work" being laid out and FOLLOWED right before our eyes. This actually answered some questions that I had (I have always wonder why they are blurring the gender lines). When I really first started noticing this I thought I was making it all up, when I would research this I could come to the gender less theory, I honestly thought that I was crazy, so Thank you! "Brave New World" Is that what we are calling this? lol

Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is the classic counter-piece to Orwell's 1984. If you have not read it, I suggest to watch the movie they made sometimes in the 1980's. A preview of things to come. Huxley was, as Orwell deeply connected to powerful circles and knew what he was talking about.
Highly recommended to watch!

(Partner again). He has seen it but was wanting to watch it again. So this will be our next movie night movie. So much foreshadowing in moves and TV shows, makes you wonder whats next...

It's only a cheaply made TV show from the 80's, but you will see some surprising ideas in there.
Fun fact: I worked with Bud Cort (he plays Bernard Marx) on a TV show a few years ago. He is quite a character in real life. Enjoy :)

Thank you... I (Partner) am looking forward to watching it. Who knows maybe this will tie things together for me. I can only imagine the stories you must have from your working days. If you ever wanna share, I am all ears. I love to hear real life stories ^^

how can we stop this?

Right now the only thing that people can do is write the California Senate. These bills are currently with the Senate.

Good post @truthbeyondlies. Keep up the good work !!

Thanks a bunch. We glad that we could bring you this article and try to help people stay informed.

Don’t hesitate to check my blog for interesting posts.

good post. Upvote for You

Thank you so much. We appreciate you taking the time to read our article.

I have been watching this. I am curious how it will end up. I believe it will ultimately get repealed, but it is certainly troubling times when the U.S. creates laws against Christianity. Can we say Rome circa 100AD.

Just as the Bible says in Ecclesiates 1:9-10 there is nothing new under the sun. This is not the first time in history were Christianity values were under attack. This bill not against Christianity, it is against any person with traditional views. This is just history repeating itself. I hope that it does not pass, but have braced myself for if it does.

I agree completely. I live in Alabama so we are slow to get the changes that are seen in California, good or bad. If it passes there, though, then others will be emboldened to do the same and so on. We have seen this before, maybe not in our lifetimes, but it is as much history as it is future.

Right and THANK YOU. That is the biggest problem with something like this. It starts in one place and will spread, just like the flu. Once just one place allows for something like this to pass then the next state will do it if not two or three at a time. It is not just one religion that is being attacked here... it is any religion or person that has traditional views.

If this all goes through it is a slippery slope that could set off a trend of other states trying to do this because ultimately, it's what the power-that-shouldn't-be would love, and are probably secretly funding/promoting/instigating behind the scenes.

Exactly. The powers to be always do a test run. California seems to be just that, if they can get this passed and implemented, it will not be long before it is all of the USA and then it will move to another country.

Good Post, Blessings

Thank you. We appreciate you taking the time to read and comment on our article.

Hii...its a good article.

Thank you. People have a right to know the details of bills like this.

Awesome bro, thanks for the clues

You are very welcome. Hopefully these bill do not get passed.

Beautiful picture...

Thank you. Hard to imagine a place that has this much beauty in it trying to take away peoples freedom.

Beautiful picture

Thank you. We hope that you enjoyed the article. It is sad that a place so beautiful can come up with possible laws that strip people of their rights.

Restricting "Freedom of Speech" leads to Violence EVERY time... They know what there are doing... stay frosty.

True... Restricting any freedom that we have is never good. We agree they know what they are doing and why they are doing it.

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Excellent information friend, blessings!!