Good vs Evil? Or Truth vs Lies?

Most people consider themselves to be good people and refuse to do things that they consider to be evil.

Unfortunately, if good people can be convinced of lies then they can be made to unknowingly commit evil acts.

Today, very small groups of people (calling themselves government) lie to pretty much everyone to carry out evil agendas.

I live in the united States of America and although I love this country and find most people around me to be good I can see clearly that our federal government consists of one of the largest groups of miscreants that has ever held power.

While some of those in high offices might be ignorant of the evils they are committing against pretty much everyone, most of them are well aware of what they are doing (whether coerced, black mailed, or just plain evil).

The general populace is lied to constantly and those who question the lies are derided and ridiculed by pretty much everyone else.

Consider the following:

  • If you knew that vaccines were damaging and killing children would you promote vaccination?
  • If you knew that other people around the world were just like you and trying to make a living would you support murdering them?
  • If you knew that Genetically Modified Food was poisoning you and your children would you buy it?
  • If you knew that prescription drugs are slowly killing you would you take them or recommend them to others?
  • If you knew that "your taxes" would be used to oppress you and others around the world would you pay them?

For the vast majority the answer is definitely not.

However, here in the "USA" (and around the world), the "common folk" (normal people not high up in government) have the following working against them to ensure they believe lies:

  • 12+ years of indoctrination in government controlled schools
  • Corporate controlled media that only wants to increase profits... at any cost
  • A medical system designed to increase GDP and profits rather than increase health and wellness.
  • A legal system where the people don't learn law and one must have a lot of money to mount a good legal defense.

If people in this country (and many others) could see clearly just what was going on then (i.e. the truth) then the world would turn around quickly.

Only the parasite class (psychopaths, sociopaths, etc.) would willingly do evil.

Unfortunately, lies are everywhere and good people are misled into supporting evil via them.

There is a reason that I'm a "conspiracy theorist"... and it is because I've taken a hard look at most of what I was taught while growing up and I know that almost everything is upside down.

The truth may be shocking and terrible... but you can't do much about what is going on until you are able to grasp the truth and tell good from evil.

Yes, I lose friends by speaking the truth. That being said I'd rather state hard truth than support lies by omission just so that more people would like me.


it's not a theory when the conspiracy is easily visible.

God is truth, man is a liar, can't help himself, but there is salvation in Jesus Christ if you read His words and follow His example.