:Baron Rambles On About The Conspiracy At Hand - Trump - Q - Wikileaks - Kim Dotcom - Edward Snowden - David Wilcock - All Interchangeable Pieces of Social Engineering

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I find it interesting how Q shills for Trump- Wikileaks indirectly shills for Trump- Kim Dotcom is partnered with Wikileaks- Edward Snowden inline with Wikileaks and Kim Dotcom- and David Wilcock supports all four including Trump.

David Wilcock is currently promoting this and his alien disclosure to a new mass of millennials and gen Z'ers through youtube channel EoW. His Marxist brainwashed audience (not all inclusive) is eating this stuff up. DW is very crafty- recently redirecting his message to this younger demographic.

Trump is the prodigy of Russia, Zionists and ruthless elite American/European bloodlines. All a subsequent creation of the American Civil War, the Bolshevik revolution and the creation of Zionist Israel.

My estimation is: Trump, as dirty as he is, was picked to lead this battle. A battle between multiple interest groups for control over US military might, financial creation and or world wealth management, the American adoration.

How did he gain this?

First he/they had to win over the American people. He did this with the help of Q, Wkikileaks, Kim dotcom, Edward Snowden, David Wilcock and all supporters of these interchangeable organizations. The audience just loves these groups- blind trust.

With the strength of the Red Mafyia behind him, the rest is in the bag.

All media is controlled opposition. All his public enemies are controlled opposition.

Trump however is just another cog in the wheel. The "program" is the ultimate entity.

One of these special interest groups will prevail.

Under false pretense America falls in love with Q.

Finally Trump will be liquidated as the program starts it's new course unabridged by competitors as it will have none at this point, if the plan succeeds. "Trust the plan"- Q -

The result: A global Absolute Monarchy- a one world order to rule them all.

I've already disqualified DW and his insiders as he claims to support Einstein's theory of relativity which has been proven to be false by true science. He is also promoting Al Gore's global warming.

I believe Q, Kim DotCom, Wikileaks, Edward Snowden and David Wilcock are not only working together but are independently interchangeable pieces of a very complex modular social construct created by the Red Mafyia (Soviet- Zionist- Bloodline) over the course of the last 100+- years.

Believe nothing, believe everything.

Stay vigilant!

:Baron- T3

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