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RE: We should start using steemit in a meaningful way.

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Good to see you @herrleeb- it's been a while!
That is a good idea to focus on creative ideas for a better current time and future. Thinking of the law of attraction: That which we resist we attract. That which we focus on we attract.
So- we need to get rid of the private central banking model and then focus on freeing up energy. Once energy is freed up we can create abundance on earth.
Here is a nod to Galen Winsor for addressing this energy subject:


Good to see you too, @sunsquall. Yup, I had to take some time off, did not do so well. But now I'm back, let's see what happens :)
For some strange reason I seem to attract chemtrails, nanoparticles, wifi radiation, fluoride, gmo's and morons whether I focus on them or not, so the law of attraction thing is pretty lost on me.
I am in physical and mental pain. My air, water, food and environment is poisoned. I am surrounded by idiots. My free speech is censored. My money is being stolen. My mind is bombarded with idiocy every day.
I have given up hope for a change to the better. The moronic masses will not wake up in time and neither Jesus nor Q-Anon nor the aliens will come and save us.
All I want is to have a little fun while I am getting fucked. That's just fair.

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