Is Nexium a MKULTRA Brownstone Operation? Part 1

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Part 2

Part 1 - A Familiar Pattern

I have been closely following the incredible story of the NXIVM (Nexium) child sex trafficking cult, that began as a self-help program for men and women and had all kinds of sub-cults, both male and female.

Keith Raniere Complaint
Allison Mack child sex trafficking indictment

I am going to present here my thesis that this cult does not exist in isolation - there are things like this popping up all the time, linked to elite families, celebrities, politicians, intelligence agencies, drugs, hypnosis, brainwashing, and blackmail.

One of the sub-cults called DOS featured Hollywood actresses recruiting BDSM playpals, who NXIVM's expert hypnotists and neuro-programmers would turn into mind-controlled slaves. The Bronfman billionaires who financed the company are so tight with the Rothschilds they have a company together called Bronfman Rothschild. Their connections go way back. Tied to Prohibition-era bootlegging like Al Capone and the Kennedys, the family have assets like Universal Pictures, Warner Music, Seagrams Gin and other entities that keep changing name and ownership . Edgar Bronfman, Sr was the head of the World Jewish Congress, this cult gathered blackmail material on him and hacked his email. They partied at Richard Branson's island, and they also had their own island in Fiji. They had use of private jets. They gathered blackmail material on their own members - "collateral", as they called it. There were only two "named" members, Vanguard (Keith Raniere) and Prefect (Nancy Salzman).

Crazy Days and Nights apparently had a few Nexium-related posts recently. I've found this one, but I think there may be more. If you run into any please add to the comments.

Screenshot 2018-05-04 17.08.37.png

This blind item from Crazy Days and Nights obviously was talking about Hugh Hefner. He promoted Intelligence Agent Timothy Leary when he was first fired from Harvard, and gathered all kinds of blackmail on celebrities, politicians, CEOs, and other high-flying people. Parties at the Playboy Mansion had thousands of attendees, how difficult would it be for a half-dressed bunny to lure a liquored up, drugged up mark back to a camera-filled room for a tryst? Obviously from this story, not very difficult.

Jeffrey Epstein, who owned the largest house in Manhattan, has been linked to the Clintons, Kevin Spacey, Chris Tucker, and Ghislaine Maxwell. Ghislaine's dad Robert Maxwell died mysteriously - he fell off his luxury superyacht in the night. A massive hidden video camera setup was found when Epstein's Florida mansion was raided. His infamous "Pedo Island" is called Little St James . The Court of St James is the ruling organization of the United Kingdom. The US Ambassador to the UK is known as the Ambassador to the Court of St James. Jeffrey Epstein was very close with British Prince Andrew, who has been linked to Playboy models, arms deal corruption scandals, porn stars, all kinds of sex scandals, as well as his pedophile honeytrap from Epstein. Epstein paid off Prince Andrew's ex-wife Sarah Ferguson's debts.

So Epstein comes up as a schoolteacher, then all of a sudden he's living in New York's biggest mansion and he has these woman from elite families recruiting for him - pimping - building a network of girls that would bring people into his heavily video-wired environments, and possibly lead them into illegal or embarrassing situations.

NXIVM is one of these setups too. By the sounds of it, the Manson Family was another one, part of the Laurel Canyon operation. Although Dave McGowan exposed many of the military-industrial complex links behind the sudden emergence of the 60's music scene around USAF laboratory Lookout Mountain, Dave was reluctant to speculate on what kind of intelligence operations they were really conducting.

marilyn monroe lookout mountain.gif

There is evidence to suggest that Marilyn Monroe was a mind-controlled sex slave - "beta kitten" programming.

We know for an absolute fact that part of MKULTRA was to create mind-controlled operatives, such as assassins. An assassin does not have to be a ninja in the night. It can be the hottest chick you've ever seen, injecting you with heroin when you didn't expect it. Or luring you into a situation where you "fall" off a yacht or a building, or in front of a train or a car. Assassinations happen all the time, they are just reported as suicides or accidents.

MKULTRA mind control is not something made up in the movies. There were government hearings about it. We have the documents - many were destroyed, so what really went on is probably far worse than we know. Imagine how sophisticated it must be today, with techno music and smart drugs and complete control over the information stream via all the screens in your life.

If you haven't seen Derren Brown convince audience members to become assassins, you're in for a treat:

This week I came across a fascinating thread on @ElemiFuentes Twitter which outlined some of the types of mind control being utilized by psychologists in the fetish scene - something that exists in every major city in the world.

Screenshot 2018-05-04 16.23.28.png

Screenshot 2018-05-04 16.24.31.png

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This is what is going on at these cults. People are being carefully chosen, invited into a smaller group, weeded out until the ones who get towards the core are loyalists and ready to do anything. Nexium would specifically only hire people who were physically attractive and "drank the Kool Aid". Their recruitment process carefully weeded undesirables out of the group, and those who made it through to the core, got closer to the celebrities, paid more money, and got compromised. Or Kompromat, a word I've learned from the #TrumpRussia debacle.

Burning Man is very much organized along these lines - and a Deep State project. The Playboy Mansion. Operation Midnight Climax. Lolita Express and Pedo Island. Barney Frank's rent boy house. The rent boy house at the Vatican. Jimmy Saville's network of pedophile lairs in children's hospitals, schools and orphanages.

There are so many of these types of setups, it's not a rare thing, it's a specific type of operation. Elite families targeting other elite families with their own private intelligence agencies? Or actual intelligence agencies, using the rich ones to fund it and the useful idiots to become operatives and patsies.

In my analysis, it seems highly likely that the same organization is carrying all these operations out - and that is why we are hearing NOTHING about Nexium in the mainstream media - or if there is a brief mention, it leaves out the juicy details entirely. Billionaires, politicians, at least half a dozen Hollywood actresses, child sex trafficking, childcare centers all over the world, the Dalai Lama - surely this would be a bigger story than Stormy Daniels, who has said her piece and has her career as a testament to her character?

This interview with a local who befriended a famous cult member was very interesting:

I was particularly interested to hear that Nexium was located in the town of Colonie, which used to be the village on the Renssalaer estate. The name van Rensselaer is mentioned in Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon. David Crosby is a descendant of these guys, one of the oldest and most prestigious families in the United States. Keith Raniere holds multiple degrees from Renssalaer Polytechnic.

David Crosby is also the father of Melissa Etheridge's babies, chosen probably for this bluer-than-blue bloodline.

Colonie is part of the city of Albany, where the New York State government is. When Hillary Clinton was Senator, she worked from the State capitol here. The Clinton residence in Chappaqua is just a couple hours' drive away.

Colonie is real close to Esopus Island, where Aleister Crowley hung out spirit cooking, and The Maverick, which birthed Woodstock. The Millbrook Mansion, where Timothy Leary ran his cult for a time, is not far away and neither is the West Point military academy, another place that housed Leary for a few years. There is all kinds of witchcraft and culty activity that goes on in this part of the world - and has historically.

Screenshot 2018-05-04 17.16.43.png

Here is an actual recruiting call with the cult:

Joe Rogan Show's take on Nexium was another interesting perspective.

Defango went in depth. I like the ones where he opens with his dope freestyle.

The Tweet of Allison Mack about #spiritcooking Satanic witch Marina Abramovic is very telling. This connects the cult to the Podestas, Clintons, Jay-Z, Beyonce, Lady Gaga, James Alefantis, and more. What has come out so far is amazing, I hope that this is merely the tip of the iceberg.

Screenshot 2018-05-04 17.32.31.png


This just in. Human experiments, exposure to trauma, measuring brainwaves - all hallmarks of MKULTRA mind control. Source: NY Post

Screenshot_20180506-104634_Samsung Internet.jpg
Source: Twitter

In Part 2, I discuss links to Al Qaeda and even more celebrities who were involved.


What's coming to the surface now is something that has been going on for a long long time. How many more "Nexiums" are there out there? How many mindcontrolled people are among us? What are we being conditioned to do, if we find ourselves in a societal breakdown situation? What's with all the cannibalism stuff? Why would they attempt to condition us to become desensitized to cannibalism? This world is messed up. The love of many has grown cold. @ironshield

Julian Assange, River Phoenix, Rose McGowan all grew up in Nexium-like cults. I think there are many of them - though the branding is pretty extreme.

Highly rEsteemed!

once again- you hit it out of the ball park- with a clear, concise & thorough report

it's so important for all

This is VERY well laid out and so concise. Sharing it!! Thank you

Keep it coming with this information @steveouttrim. The more exposure the better. It’s been going on so long and is so pervasive that many doubt the exsistance of this elitist mindcontroll. Thanks for posting. 🐓🐓

I look forward to the day all of this dark shit is dealt with and us humans are able to focus on things a bit more positive and constructive.

The wrecking ball is needed before a solid foundation can be built though. Good article, as weird and creepy as the subject is.

there is one thing I don't understand...can someone explain to me why so many adults are into "childs"!!! what's going on, in their mind to want to abuse a child?? I have heard about these cults many times but I just don't get it...why a child???

They feed off their fear and innocence

I can't praise you enough for this, very well done @steveouttrim! I'm so tired of these sick mofos getting away with what they do.

Thanks Fishy! Looks like maybe these ones aren’t going to get away with it.

So, where is the evidence this cult was into child trafficking? Seems to me an "adults only" vegas-style swingers' club, so far.

The best evidence we have is the indictment of Allison Mack for sex trafficking of children.

mack indictment.jpg

They owned more than a dozen childcare centers around the world, called Rainbow Cultural Gardens.

rainbow gardens about.jpg

The one in Miami has just been shut down by the State, the ones in Albany and London are the subject of investigations. [Source]

And while it hasn't gone completely public yet, they were bringing in foreign national teenagers, illegally overstaying their visas in some cases, to work as 'nannies' at the unregistered 'school,' (which is why they were called nannies rather than teachers, and also for training into the cult. Some of these girls came in groups from Mexico. So being sent here, without the ability to legally work and also being under the control of people who clearly did not have the best of intentions, my prediction is that Raniere was having his way with some of them, that some were being used for unpaid labor, and who knows what else was going on. There will be many more indictments and charges and arrests, and perhaps not until trial will the full truth come out. And of course, some things may never be fully known.

Additionally, And if you start reading the archives of the frankreport starting in June of 2017, when the SHTF, you will get a much better picture of what was going on in the cult. There was another mass defection which should have brought it down in 2009, but it continued on. It went on so long, and with monstrous criminal batterers like former AG Schneiderman in office, it is little wonder that Raniere, along with the many crimes committed by the Clinton Foundation in NY state, were never prosecuted and were in fact protected from even investigation. nxivm was operating for two decades. That is a lot of money, and a lot of people cycled through the cult. Some reports, including the indictments, state that DOS was in business since 2015, but it was much longer than that. The good news is that Frank, a hero and a real man, has meticulously documented all of it with a large number of inside sources and a lot of financial information, all of which he has turned over to the Eastern District of New York for their case. So while some media like have written glib dismissive pieces arguing that Pimp Mack's charges are bogus and this was just a consensual group sex thing, based on the limited information provided in the pathetic media, the real story is much more grotesque and sad and evil that has reached the public-yet. Wait until the books written by former members start coming out. Kristin Keeffe is the one to keep an eye out for, and Toni Natalie. Those two will destroy Raniere forever with what they know.

Fascinating. How is Trump going to stop any investigation which will ultimately link he and Epstein to this? Nannies. Who wouldaThunk?

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