Melania Trump's marriage isn't the only lie she's living

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By now, everybody knows that the Trump family tells a lot of lies.  

Whether it's about business, policy, popularity, or obvious facts, there doesn't seem to be a limit to absurdity and sorts of lies they'll tell.  Some of them are big lies about important matters and others are just plain juvenile.

Does Melania really speak five languages?

One of the latest falsehoods being pushed by the Trump administration is the claim that Melania Trump speaks five languages.  It's not unusual for people from regions near multiple country borders to speak many languages.  It is however absurd for someone to claim to speak several languages they don't and it's not difficult to prove if they're lying.

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What's possibly more disturbing is that this lie is perpetuated by and echoed throughout the mainstream media, and even Google despite how obvious it is to those who speak the languages she claims to.

By now we all probably also know that Donald Trump has some extreme sexual perversions and a thing for beautiful and very young women.  (Read the Donald Trump Dossier for more if you don't know - warning it's NSFW:  

Whether it be due to fragile egos, insecurities or if it's trying to make up for the fact that Melania was a foreigner with little education who earned a living by doing nude modeling - whatever their motivations for lying is anybody's guess.  One thing is clear though that Melania does not speak French, Italian or German as the Trump's claim she does.

Watch this video to see Melania be exposed as the fraud she is:


It's impossible to believe this President and it's insane that he remains in power..I have no more words

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