Freemasonry & Conspiracy Theory - The Nazi Connection to Freemasonic Disinformation (as told by a Non-Mason)

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Before you read on, please read this quote from the Wikipedia entry on Holocaust Victims of the Nazi Party.

Freemasonic concentration camp inmates were graded as “Political” prisoners, and wore an inverted (point down) red triangle. Estimates calculate that between 80,000 and 200,000 Freemasons died. It is impossible to arrive at a total figure as no one knows the number of Freemasons from occupied countries who were killed.

Sourced from Wikipedia -

'First of all, no, I'm not a Mason...but I study Freemasonry independently and know some of their secret knowledge' to paraphrase KRS-ONE. I recommend looking at his historical lesson on Freemasons before you roll your eyes at how this could be possible. I'd also ask you to ask yourself this question, as I did the last few years when studying this....

How did you form your opinion of Freemasonry?

What sources did you receive most of this information (YouTube Channels, for example)?

Did you know before today that Freemasons were executed side by side with the Jewish people and also forced to wear a symbol marking them?

I wanted to highlight this point because there is an enormous amount of broad negative generalizations made about Freemasons on the internet which I think are rooted in modern Nazi propaganda as a throwback to what we know they've always done...wear the mask of their enemy and subvert their organizations/movements.

I am not a Freemason personally but have learned many good things from their teachings. Notice the internet says nearly nothing but positive things of the Odd Fellows and Rebekahs which had far more Nazi influence and infiltration and even outnumbered Freemasons in the US at one point. Knowing how much leftover Nazi influence permeates today in alt-media and MSM regarding these groups...put it this way, to me that's a serious marker about who is truly engineering negative messaging about Freemasons.

My personal belief is that it's mostly rooted in the same beliefs that drove Hitler to persecute the Jews, which is envy/jealousy of Energetic knowledge (esoteric teachings) and influence...not to mention tunnel systems but that's a whole other topic. Simply put, Hitler and the Nazis (both modern 4th Reich and former 3rd Reich) want the genetics of these people because it's transferrable Bioenergetic (DNA-Eugenics) influence. The Jewish community has a high Rh- Factor which is prized in Bioenergy science. A mostly misunderstood topic in the US.

If you look closely, you'll see that Freemasons have often been involved with secretly liberating enslaved peoples and yes, their methods are often times difficult to interpret, but nevertheless effective. You can't paint a brush across an entire group. It's difficult to know who the 'true' Freemasons are, just like in the Odd Fellow and Rebekah orders. Those who join as a real member often are outnumbered by infiltrators in some lodges whereas other lodges might be completely legit (no infiltration-Nazis or otherwise). Robert Anton Wilson (conspiracy expert & "Illuminatus Trilogy" author) held a similar opinion. He drew a parallel to plumbers. It's like blaming them all for the actions of one when you get ripped off or something. But in this case, there is a history of the Freemasons being sabotaged and targeted by Nazis so I feel compelled to point that out since many in the alt-media tend to go immediately into sliming them.

It's simply not appropriate and shows a lack of knowledge in history. Your opinion might be different. Before you quote actions of this and that, I'm going to ask you if you before you read this - did you understand the Nazi propaganda link to Freemasons and their extermination in concentration camps. If you didn't know that before today, perhaps you should review your perceptions and information sources.

Again, I'm not a Mason. I'm never joining Freemasonry. It's not the place for me and I doubt I'd be a good match for them. Yet, I can admire many of the things they accomplish and appreciate the role they played in parts of our history. Many of these positive stories have been buried by Nazi propagandists still active in the US today. Something to think about.

You can find my YouTube material on Nazism & Occultism in America below:

Modern Nazi Influence in the US - OTO Occult Mysticism - Eugenics - Hitler, Himmler & Crowley

If that interests you then you might consider watching the entire series here:

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the only truth is the bible. EVERYTHING else is propaganda (including most of those who claim to represent the bible.)