Conspiracy Theories VS Historical Research

in conspiracy •  7 months ago

The mention of secret societies usually conjures up images of elitist men in smoke filled back rooms pulling the puppet strings of society. Everyone wants to see the symbols. Symbols man! Symbols man! We seem to drive ourselves crazy looking for something that is not there while sticking our heads in the sand and refusing to see what is right in front of our nose.It seems there's always a new conspiracy theory whether it involves the illuminati or the freemasons. Should we not look to perhaps the media and even advertisement to find the real source of those who pull the strings behind the veil.
Society has gone crazy! Society has gone nuts and no one seems to notice except the sane.
The dualistic dynamic that inhabits politics religion and simply our every day conversations is causing chaos. Chaos is the dish the elites serve up best to re-organize the world the way they see fit.Are we to continue to play the same game over and over generation after generation that leads us into more blind servitude?

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