How DynCorp developed PROMIS and the surveillance state alongside Palantir

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In an investigation by the newsletter, From the Wilderness, in 2000, it was discovered that DynCorp was intimately related to mass-surveillance software PROMIS, and its successor Palantir, through artificial intelligence developer, Herbert "Pug" Winokur:

Herbert "Pug" Winokur, head of Capricorn Investments, and member of the board of the Harvard Endowment is also a PhD mathematician from Harvard where the mathematical breakthroughs that gave rise to Artificial Intelligence using block-modeling research were discovered.

The pioneering research at Harvard that allegedly gave rise to the Artificial Intelligence installed in Promis later moved north.

Winokur, through Capricorn Investments, had a decisive role in the 1980s management of the intelligence/government outsourcing mega-firm DynCorp, of Reston, VA. Winokur served as DynCorp CEO from 1989 to 1997.

Pug Winokur made DynCorp what it is today and he still sits on the board.

I was not surprised when Bill Hamilton confirmed to both Fitts and to me that Winokur's DynCorp had played a role in the evolution of Promis in the 1980s.

Palantir, an audited interface to PROMIS, was co-founded by Peter Thiel who is also the current chairman:

Palantir would become an infamous part of the NSA surveillance state which was revealed by Edward Snowden.

More information on DynCorp can be found on the Wiki's page:

Also here is info on the owners of DynCorp, Cerberus Capital Management, who are deeply connected to satellite technology as well:

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