Conspiracy theories-#4- OPEN YOUR EYSES- ILLUMINSTI

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Illuminati rule the world

Association of the order of the Illuminati was founded in the years 70. Of the 18th century. Its founder was a German philosopher and lawyer Adam Weishaupt, the Jesuits. Concluded that the religious structure will be suitable for the fight against prejudice and ignorance within an organisation bringing together the global minds, hence the name "order" in the name.

The Illuminati were part of the history of just 8 years (1777-1785). At this time were a significant influence philosophical ba numerous masonic lodges. Within the Organization, there was a conflict with Baron Adolph Franz Ludwig Fredrichem Kniggem. A member of the Freemasonry loved in complex ceremonies, and as a decoy manners was unbearable in dealing with people. Deliverance in the face of the distribution of ideas and lack of agreement brought Illuminati elector of Bavaria, Charles II, simply prohibiting secret societies. The Illuminati were history until resurrected their 20TH century "thinkers", contrary to oświeceniowi, noncombatants under the prejudice and ignorance.


The second life of the Illuminati, based on wymysłach, associate unrelated facts and doszukiwaniu to the hidden symbolism on the banknotes and boxes of pizza, however, is more fascinating than the first. Work on globalisation and ateizacji, in conjunction with the world of politics and finance. All this is done in accordance with the ideas of Adam Weishaupta, who according to the wskrzesicieli of the Association to the eternal spiskowania was a Freemason, typicai occultist, a Jew and a bitter enemy of Christianity. And the French Revolution broke out on his orders. According to people claiming that the Illuminati knuli, plotting and sing along, "destroyed in suspicious circumstances", but in the time of their study documents certify that the biggest dream of heirs of the Bavarian Illuminati, who created the two wars world, is to create a "Republic of the Communist dictatorship," and "lucyferianizmu". As you can see in the many videos posted on the Web, the Illuminati have a great time. Here are a handful of sensationalism for their prepared sacred mixture, ubiquitous activity.


Because the Illuminati as a tool of the impact on the rest of the world have chosen a United States, their footprint was imprinted on the most popular American banknote-jednodolarówce.
On the reverse is a pyramid with the symbol "omnia vidit you", wszystkowidzącego of the eye at the top of which is the hallmark of the Freemasons, but also of the Illuminati. The pyramid of the banknote is divided into as many levels as families creates the order, that is, 13. Family influence in the US on the course of history, and belonging to the order, the Rockefeller, Rotschildowie, Onasis or Kennedy. All families will be selected to oppose the 12 tribes of Israel, and by the way, in a symbolic way, by their number, invent God's plan being carried out by His Covenant. In practice, the families of the order of the Illuminati lay the groundwork for the sect and other projects, aimed at smashing the believers and disparage the Bible records through their dead of interpretations.

"Hidden Satanists and humans"

For EXAMPLE. Charles Taze Russell, a representative of Russellów, religious family from Scotland and Ireland, he founded the movement of the Bible (then Christian religious compound set of Jehovah's witnesses), and a Watchtower. Like other members of the families of the order of the Illuminati Charles Russell was a Mason and a typicai occultist. While William Huntington Russell was the founder of the secret society Skull & Bones at Yale University, an elite organization. The heavier version of the Illuminati all selected families not only take part in the big global conspiracy are hidden satanistami and engaged to the occult, but also ... are not people. The new trend in tracking and unmasking of the Illuminati is to associate them with Reptilianami, if any, an intelligent race of humanoid gadów1) ability of tastes to the human species. By ridiculing things Reptilian Illuminati, actually a space lizards, they work to believe mankind, that the Illuminati is also not to be taken seriously. An example of this activity Reptilianina, and also a member of the order of the Illuminati, is Act the Prime Minister of New Zealand. Responding to a question whether the journalist is the crater reptilian, stated: "the fact that I am not a reptile, testified my doctor after consulting with your veterinarian".

"They Want A New World Order"

The Illuminati are aiming for the launch of a new world order, using different paths to the enslavement of human minds. Have an effect on the videos media message and literature. Place in them, poisoning mankind content. An example of such zaczadzających undertakings to be works of Tolkien, the author of "the Lord of the rings" and his friend C.S. Lewis, who wrote "the Chronicles of Narnia". They were both cultists in the service of the Illuminati. Apparently, the avowed Christians, in fact, snuck in to her works symbolism referring to the order, which they served. In the eye of Sauron from the Lord of the rings, "it is not difficult to recognize the iluminacki threesome with the eye, and the character Gandalf refers to the occultist Aleister Crowley, Mystic, which in Egypt made contact with the Ozyrysem. In addition, in "the Lord of the rings" line, which spell the captivating human minds. In the novel by Lewis appears resurrected solar deity, having contraband to the subconscious mind readers the truth, that Jesus was not the only one who rose from the dead. In addition to preparing humanity for the day on which the authority will take over a cultists Illuminati, their allies, and they are trying to reduce humanity, using for example. pop. The figure on the Illuminati's shall to be Lady Gaga who repeatedly uses the symbolism of the occult and ties in her works to control the mind.

"Disinformation and Manipulation"

The Illuminati in their intentions going very far for example. d0 terrorist attacks, pretending to be various military organizations. So it was for example. in the year 1980, when in the bombardowanym attack on the railway station in Bologna killed more than 90 people. Made it to NATO. Impersonating Red Brigades. Illuminati care about this, to many of the events seemed to the public other than they actually are. When George w. Bush publicly condemned the terrorism of Osama Bin Laden, few seemed to realize that Osama from the CIA agent was the lad and the family Osamów and Estate have many personal ties. Not to mention. We the creators AL.-Qaeda, Bin Laden Construction, built the Americans military bases! Illuminati misinform and manipulate. Holding his hand all strings high-ranking working for them the puppet master-to at the right time, it turned out that in our world there is a "NEW WORLD ORDER" and the goal of the Illuminati has been achieved.


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