Do you know my struggle?

This is literally my life right now.

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Have you ever found yourself feeling completely alienated from those around you?

PSA: Tinfoil hats do the exact opposite of what you would expect them to do, so try organite instead. 😉

↑↑ Love these moments ↑↑

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Namasté friends



I feel your pain. I am surrounded by people who believe in it all and cannot/will not contemplate the possibility that the things they believe in are a lie. I will feel no sense of satisfaction when/if people start to realise perhaps I wasn't a lunatic conspiracy theorist after all because when it gets to that point it will almost certainly be too late to do anything about it.

I might gloat or joke with my fellow passengers for a few minutes during the government mandated train journey to a 'safe area' but it will be a very hollow victory and in fact not a victory at all.

You are absolutely right. The giant 'I told you so' would only be satisfying for a moment. Although I feel that I have seen a lot more things coming to the MSM recently that sheds light on what might be going on behind those secret doors. There will be a day where the vale has been lifted, I just hope for our sake it's not too late. Thank you for your reply.

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