What happened to the 'Conspiracy' tag on Steemit?

in conspiracy •  6 months ago


Have you noticed when you click onto the EXPLORE tab in Steemit, that you don't see the 'Conspiracy' tag anymore?

It's just something that I noticed and found it quite interesting, because if you look, it's a tag that gets quite a bit of posts and rewards as well.

So maybe, just maybe it was removed on purpose.

YouTube deleted my videos

I had a few videos on YouTube before, but they quickly deleted them once they got too popular. So I've recently took to Dtube to hopefully show them to everyone.

So be on the lookout for those. I am uploading one as we speak!

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it's a conspiracy.
well someone had to say it.

i have noticed that my feed when first opening up steemit has nothing to do with things i'm interested in nor much of the steemians i follow.

i've also noticed that conspiracy tag is never listed on the left, when truth questions are always going to be an important topic on social media.

and then you look into eos, and dan larimer's background, and it's not hard to understand why.

still, can't erase the blockchain, that's the point isn't it?

good luck on dtube.


Yeah it’s interesting for sure. I like the fact you can’t erase the blockchain.

I’m interested to see what happens.

See what happens when you get too deep.... 😯