Privacy Workshop #10: Do You Want to Be Ruled By Cults and Mafias Forever?

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On Bill Maher's Real Time(tm) not long ago, panelist David French, defending the absurd, gullible worldview of Trump voters, went unchallenged suggesting 50% of 'democratic' voters belief that the George W. Bush administration was a co-committer of 9/11, and that this illustrates that they are unreasonable people.

I can just hear Bill Maher's voice saying 'Enough with the 9/11 and the conspiracies! It's not productive!'

But my question, if 50% of democrats don't believe the official story of 9/11, that is 20% of the American population, and if you add into that all of the non-democrats who think the say thing, then we are getting to 1/3 Americans. And these people want to just dismiss them like they are all loons.

It used to be, when I was a teenager, that the people who didn't believe the official story of the JFK assasination were a tiny minority and they were truly marginalized.

But how can 1/3 or 1/2 of the entire populatio of the United States be marginal? How can 2/3 of the entire world? Can you imagine the margin of a paper taking up 1/3 of the width? It's not a margin anymore.

It's a major part of the paper.

I admit I have a ton of difficulty even understanding the viewpoint that dismisses JFK and 9/11 Truth. I could understand if the same people said reasonable people could disagree or there were points open for discussion, but to completely dismiss people whose questions or research lead to information that disproves the official story strikes me as a very special, outgoing form of licking your master's boots or worshipping the hand that feeds you.

It looks like a paradigmatic case of willful ignorance and herd mentality. It is like watching people sleepwalking, or under a spell in a cartoon, or acting out a very specific fetish you truly cannot understand.

Since 1963, it has been disallowed to say in public without harsh ridicule, and some sense of fear, that there was a conspiracy to kill President John F. Kennedy. Mountains of evidence of bizarre anomalies among law enforcement and other officials on the day of the event were laughed off. Everything about alleged lone gunman Oswald suggested something more was going on with this guy including repeated encounters and numerous associations with known American government operatives. All mention of the undesireable facts were laughed off while they hid a mountain of evidence, claiming it would hurt 'National Security' if it got out. Then when they were bound by law to release all of their documents, they still failed to do so.

As someone born long after the event, who first quietly, then more loudly believed there was a conspiracy to kill Kennedy, despite the fact that some of my most trusted public thinkers like Noam Chomsky were among those laughing, I would like to report how astounded I am at the mendacity of American press and culture now that it has been revealed that my side was correct all along.

On the day it became uncontested fact that Oswald was involved with the CIA, the only media that carried the story was the least reputable tabloid in the country, the National Enquirer.

nat enq.jpg

This fact is not for the tabloids, this fact should be written in sun-blocking banners and dragged by the slowest airplanes over every metro area in the country.

Oswald was a CIA asset.

There was a conspiracy and a vast one. The entire last 50 years of American political thought needs to be rewritten by actual adults.

The American media establishment was(and still is) absolutely, incontrovertibly incorrect about the most important question in American history. How could our President get shot if we are the most powerful country in the world with unlimited resources to put towards the purpose of his safety?

We were told and some believed, albeit under veiled threats, that the documents were withheld to protect national security but what they were actually protecting was their own reputation as a legitimate source of information and the ability of unaccountable spy agencies to take over American civic culture. Their intention, now absolutely clear in hindsight, was/is to enforce the rule of their obfuscated committees, such as ALEC, PNAC, AIPAC, The Heritage Foundation, The Cato Institute, the CFR and many others inside and outside of civic government, the military and whatever mafias or religious cults can get a secret seat at the secret table.

Their goals? To maintain domination that gives them the power to treat the civilian population(read: us) as a docile, unaware host for their parasitic activities, living off the interest of inherited assets, smuggling goods kept illegal so that their price would be higher, ruling companies with impunity from their actions, buying temporary satisfaction of their perverse desires and more, much more. To start more pointless wars from which they will profit, potentially bankrupting the entire United States or starting a final nuclear war. Living off of the work of others, herding millions of human beings with fear, real and/or imagined, whichever suits them on a particular day.

Ultimately making our society a brutal, classist totalitarian shitshow based upon absurd, catastrophic cliches, like 'national security' and 'supply side economics' and 'pre-emptive police action' and 'low intensity conflict', and 'debt-based currency' just like our alleged greatest enemies, China and Russia in the present, and Nazi Germany and the Japanese Empire in the past. And this as the entire government is turned into a marionette squad of Zionist jewish people who send poor kids from Alabama to act as human(to the zionists however, Goy) mine detectors across the entire middle east to aid their war of aggressive expansion.

And this is done in the name of preventing another World War II, another "Holocaust[tm]." Off this one lie, the United States has become a monstrous, suicidal, absurd, gullible, global aggressor at the expense of preying upon its own people and spending blood like it's a credit card account. Our institutions, alleged to be for Truth and Justice, are just shams covering a dizzying array of mafia activity that kills anyone who writes accurately about its activities. All the suits and pantsuits on K Street, at Harvard and MIT, Stanford, all of the history and law departments, all of the journalism schools, are unmasked today as complete failures. Only those who called this right when it began have any leg to stand on. The rest are just patsies themselves, it could take years to list all of the other lies they are blindly parroting so why bother even listening to anything they say at all, much less pay them for it?

I've been treating the major 24 hour news channels like a mental plague for maybe 15 years now, so for me this is a great day of jubilation. Against such a mountain of well known facts already in play, and such a singular fact recorded in hundreds of places, I was actually pretty hopeful these final releases would seal the truth. And with that in hand, we could watch the reactions to the division bell, see the gullible and willfully ignorant shrink away, and maybe, just maybe tilt the scales back toward rationality and the reality it helps us uncover. And yes, win some arguments.

But then we got to see what people are really (still) made of. I now believe that what appear to be fears and doubts surrounding alleged conspiracy theories, are actually just the top of a huge stack of deeply programmed reasons to keep doing exactly what you're doing. Or the opposite, go full apathetic, stop watching all news or believing in anything.

I try to find a balance between these paradigms of ignorant laziness and cynical apathy, it is not easy. I have to write things like this. But then what would I have us do? My equanimous rationality in hand, does this mean I should just sit like Winston at the end of 1984, smilingly drinking coffee and knowing I am ruled by smugglers, torturers and assassins masked by a sham government?

With even the most organized mob of formerly naive, now aware and angry, 'reality' television spectators, casino patrons, and professional wrestling fans, what could I hope to accomplish? Especially now that I know the smugglers, torturers and assassins would be there to nip the whole thing in the bud?

The police, corporations, drug cartels, employers, mass media, and the 'stars' of those brain-shredding cultures are all firmly in the grip of this mafia that has been able to propagate the biggest lie in history for the last 50 years. And they have a history of killing anyone who is mildly inconvenient if they can't be hired to be a useful idiot, or intimidated into silence.

This brings me back to my original question, is the future of humanity Rule by Mafia? Does the mafia allow us, humor us, to have "representatives" and "laws" just so long as we allow them to operate by completely different sets of rules? That include the ability to kill any of us for any reason at any time? Are we just sources of energy for them to leach off of?

Are the only two choices remaining for our life's work Idiot and Useful Idiot?

If there is just rule by Mafia, how can we even know the ultimate nationality of the ones that are ruling us? There could be a mafia war that we sub-humans don't even hear about that could drastically alter the course of our future even though we had nothing to do with it or maybe even hear about it.

As a sub-human, one which on-the-books law actually applies to, in order to get through the day, you have to trust your 'national security' is in the hands of a shadowy, shifty, nameless, faceless entity that operates by totally opaque non-rules, in other words, to trust your security to entities that are neither trustworthy or secure, in any way shape or form.

In any other context, shadowy, shifty, nameless, faceless guys who play by a different set of rules is the OPPOSITE of what any teenager would be taught by their parents to trust.

This is what is meant by Double-think. You trust things because you have no choice but to trust them, you believe things because you have no choice but bo believe them. You profess to trust and believe what you actually know deserve neither, and you do so out of fear.

Yet this is how we are told, in the most backhanded manner, after decades of evading the question, our society must operate.

This is the best of all possible worlds. Really, it is. You saw the guy who tried to change it, a war hero, brightest of his generation, shot like a deer, on camera, surrounded by security. Shot by people who were supposed to be his friends, who were never charged or punished, who still hold power over us today.

They killed a president fifty years ago in cold blood, utterly betraying and framing one of their very own. Then they killed anyone who could have effectively questioned their secret. At the same time they mocked and ruined anyone who attempted to even know the facts that pointed to their culpability. On top of this they perpetuated a huge lie with tremendous success until the year 2018. Then they say 'trust us, we just need [insert something here like to take out Iran, or take all the guns, or dissolve the constitution, or launch the nukes, or declare martial law, or open prison camps for re-education of people with unwanted ideas].'

Anyone trusting them now deserves what they get, except maybe the 18 year olds in rural areas whose history books won't change for another decade.

Anyone still feeling Patriotic? Anyone ready for a round of the National Anthem about the home of the free and brave? Is there anybody who wants to stand up and actually say,

'I think it is a great thing we are ruled by a mafia network of spies.'



I am being followed by agents, still, in Europe. Similar situations, strangers sitting close to me in restaurants and placing their phones such that their microphone is within range. Improv actors laying traps for myriad offenses. Men with glasses and hats standing nearby in public places, changing directions when they spot me.

I have posted in this account now a ton of evidence and first hand witness to my personal gang stalking, which is absolutely in line with what has been reported by Barrett Brown, Jacob Appelbaum, earthfirst, anarchists, Harvey Weinstein's targets and now white house officials who helped make a peace deal with Iran. Palantir, Stratfor, Cambridge Analytica, or the FBI, sometimes probably stumbling over each other. Any wealthy person or government agent or combination thereof can hire private or focus public resources on indviduals, using all the technology they use to conduct their lives as spytech to catalog every move, every thought, and every human connection they have.

They have cameras you cannot see, computer interfaces in their glasses (or I have personally seen evidence I can only explain if they have contact lense, or implant displays), and any number of actors of all ages at their disposal. I don't have guns, I don't traffic humans, I'm not attracted to children, I have never even seen or possessed a picture of child pornography, I don't have a secret trove of coin, I'm not part of a secret club.

I just say things and know things, sometimes design things. And this is what I am encountering. (while the pulse and parkland and las vegas shooters were able to walz to their crimes while loudly shouting their intentions, brandishing firearms, THEY weren't being followed apparently).

I believe but cannot prove, that the people who live above, the oligarchy of the world, can now direct these spy networks towards anyone who exhibit any traits that don't just threaten them, but that could ever potentially threaten them. They probably use supercomputers to help them point out the people who may in 10 or 20 years be able to do something novel enough to evade their predictive mechanisms. They want to know everything about every source of genius, of New Ideas and Credibility, on the planet that they do not already directly control. They want to snuff out any existence of alternate sources of history to what they have printed and omitted for the high school students.

Short of living in a cave or being willfully ignorant to the point of near coma-level brain dead or just signing your soul over on the dotted line, you are going to encounter such agents as I have. You will wonder, like I do, if they are private, police, military, or the tentacles of some other entity vying for control at the top of the pyramid.

And you won't know. You may never know.

The truth is that I may be lost. I may not have enough friends and family with enough knowledge and power to protect me as the system proceeds to bare its teeth further.

But this is the key to having any chance of opposing, resisting or some day ending the rule of cults we now experience.

I set out to make friends who were against the war, who liked to dance, who wanted to make movies, who wanted to be comedians and after many years of doing this I must now painfully realize I met a lot of agents and, now I realize, a lot of people who thought I was an agent. I believe my best friend was an agent. I thought I had a lover who was an agent.

Agents can never be real friends or real lovers. No matter how nice they may seem. They may buy you gifts, kiss you, go on long trips, go to meditation retreats with you, take you to meet their friends. If they identify you as a person of interest, they will want to get close to you. If you find yourself looking for friends in your adult life and you are part of any organization that poses any threat whatsoever to any part of the system, you have a good chance of running into them.

You have been warned.

The people you knew before all this started, your friends from elementary school, high school, from your family, are your best and only solution if you want to have any chance of working with people who you can truly trust and surviving with your emotional health.

Trust is the great enemy of tyranny. They want the only trust to be among themselves, they want all of the rest of us to doubt each other, to think that any one of us, any one of your friends, could be one of them.

They want us to think that they could be anywhere, anytime, listening, watching but to act like the opposite is true so that we speak freely and unguarded. More doublethink. They want us to act unguarded while they are supposed to be guarding us, when they are not really guarding us, but simply biding their time before they prey on us.

They have infiltrated colleges. I now realize a lot of the 'cool' people I met when I was in college, the ones who would just stop by every once in a while, all cops or part of one of these programs. Ask you all about what's going on with you, reveal nothing about themselves. They will buy or sell you psychedelic drugs, some real like dmt, some just truth serum like ghb that is supposed to be 'acid'.

They will fake taking the drugs then pump you for your experiences and thoughts.

They make money on putting people in prison and justifying their spytech gadgets and algorithms, so their basic approach to you will be, 'how can we incarcerate this person and discredit everything they will ever say?'

All of it will be recorded and put on your file. The file will be analyzed by psychologists and statisticians and supercomputers and will be at the fingertips of your rulers if you ever step out of line and they need to scare you, or worse. They may want the power to impersonate you. They may want the power to trick you into believing a virtual world some time in the future.

All and every dystopian scenario from sci fi is in play. Aliens, mind control, hyper-intelligent self-replicating nano-bots, nuclear war, direct input brain interfaces, the fountain of life, zombies, are you getting the idea? And the people running
the planet know this, so they want to make sure to be able to react to anything before it gets out of (their) hand.

If you read the novel Nexus, you will come to learn that they are also concerned that people are buying drugs on the darknet that are laced with nanobots or some other form of mind control. Something like this could happen. Everyone who is not one of them is under suspicion for Everything Possible.

That means you.

They will let you get away with small crimes and maybe some medium sized ones. They will ask you to mail drugs or be a courier or if you want to buy some just to see what your limits are just in case they want to set you up.

And if you have a good idea then do you think you're going to get credit for it? No, it will be taken and given to somebody else who will use it in a way that will strengthen whatever group it is they see themselves part of.

They will always know where you are so it would be trivial to dispense a professional hit team of highly trained assassins to give you a heart attack or just take you.

I'd like to ask you again, how do you like being ruled by cults?

Is it fun to live once again as if the Magna Carta never existed?


Or the United States Constitution? Are you ready to see it burned?

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 11.59.50 AM.png

Or the Bill of Rights? Are you ready to have no rights?

Or the UN Declaration of Human Rights? Are you ready to give up on the idea of a planetary government because you know that this global oligarchy would simply further extend their power?

Do you really like that 3rd generation trust funders who never had to work a day in their life yet with the same powers as medieval kings hanging out at the club with your daughters? Deciding which industry you can have a career in and which you can't? Having you followed by dozens of secret agents for negligible percentages of their wealth and legally killing you when you become so inconvenient the expense of tolerating you surpasses an arbitrary figure?

Privacy Workshop #10 List of 10 Primary, Indispensable Resources Against Rule by Cults, Spies and Tyrants

(you will notice all of these revolve around one concept which you cannot avoid in your life, Trust. How to earn it, how it is earned, who deserves it and who does not.)

(and if there is a second concept all of this revolves around, it is Personal Computing, the contested, radical idea that using your computer should not force or trick you into reporting your thoughts and actions for buik collection; that you should by default control all of the thoughts and actions on your computer, rather than by having to do a ton of work to reverse defaults built with the intentions of other people and their institutions)

  1. Family
  2. Friends known since childhood
  3. Encryption(veracrypt, pgp, tails, https, vpn)
  4. Secure Operating Sytems(Tails, Qubes, SELinux, Open-DDWRT)
  5. Hardware Auditing(vanityfair company)
  6. Actual Journalism (i.e.
  7. Cryoptocurrency(bitcoin, monero)
  8. Secure Messaging(telegraph, signal)
  9. Blockchain(bitcoin, eth, bitshares, steem)
  10. Archiving(

Every human witness to every event, the ability to record even a single event in the past and confirm it happened is of extreme importance now. Knowing that a certain number of people in your life would not bullshit you, could not be paid to lie to you, are not trained spies or actors or schizophrenics. Being willing to testify for these people if they have something important to say or are wrongfully imprisoned. Maintaining a social media account that no one could fake or steal to discredit you. Knowing the last person you dated won't just make up that you abused them if paid to do so.

Why do I have to state something that should be such an obvious part of society that it should not need to be said?

The ability of the sum total of human media itself to create even a single Global Fact is being assaulted.

Any independent witness that calls the narratives blindly accepted on 24 hour media channels into question is subjected to psychological attack and all manner of public questioning of credibility.

There have now been many deaths of many witnesses, many suicides due to exclusion from the financial system and the chaos caused by infiltration and veiled blacklisting.

Michael Ruppert. Seth Rich. Aaron Schwartz. Gary Webb. James Hatfield. Paul Wellstone.

The people who are behind the scenes are not cartoon villains, they are real villains. They are murderers with doomsday weapons. Hillary getting elected would not have changed it. Sanders was the one they had to prevent, and they did so, with ease. They were even caught and no one could punish them.

Bond villains, not Austin Powers villains. Imagine a Bond villain that even Bond is told he can't pursue. Or Bond being told to protect a child trafficking network and not ask questions. (fact:


They stack cheats on top of cheats then proclaim themselves victor with more cheats. They spend millions to project a vast web of lies debilitating to natural and healthy processes of human thought on a planetary scale.

It is utter madness. If you do anything that affects them, you will get on their list and they will treat you as an enemy, maybe for decades. Maybe your family too.

It is my opinion further that tracking a person without their consent, especially lying to them and telling them you are not tracking them, when you are, and then selling that data as a commodity, is the act an enemy does to another enemy, not the act of a friend to a friend as which it is portrayed. Recording and storing all calls is not the act of a sane government, it is the act of an enemy. Sharing this 'intelligence' with other countries is outright traitorous, and in the United States this is simply accepted that 5 other countries access the spy caches freely.

This is not a civic culture, this is a militarized hyper-political culture where every action of normal life is scrutinized for deviance. A level of control with which anything resembling freedom is squashed, impossible, every thought comes with a look over the shoulder attached. You must be on your guard all of the time, both aware and pretending not to be aware, that you might be surveilled. When you see evidence of your surveillance and profiling, you are supposed to suddenly switch from doubtful it exists to just ok with it, because of course you are being surveilled.

Doublethink. You go from doubting the evidence to knowing it is true without ever wondering why it was you were wrong, without questioning any of the other assumptions upon which this grave error was built.

Why? Because people who have those kind of thoughts are paranoid lunatics and have problems with the police and you don't want to be one of those right? You don't want to be a wingnut do you?

The future everyone feared the computer processor would always lead to, where nothing can be believed but the record of your surveillance.

A relative handful of people is using this technology to try to control the future of humanity and make everyone the subject of their vast techno-social project in which you are a guinea pig, with the rights of a guinea pig, which are none.

The situation is quite simply this: All of your efforts will be wasted, and quite possibly redirected in disastrous fashion, if you do not use privacy technology. And only work with the people you can trust because you knew them before all this started or you will be infiltrated.

Unfortunately, you cannot trust me very much I know. It is my goal to write and contribute what no agent of a totalitarian system would ever contribute, you be the judge if I achieve this. If you really think though some agents would be writing all of this, you are quite a hard case. (lol)

Which is actually fine with me. I am not desperate to be your friend or have more followers or be a leader or a whale or famous.

I do hope somehow we can work together, that my work in some way helps.

Maybe one of my surveillors will change their mind and switch from harassing me to protecting me.


Bankster_crop copy.jpg

both parties.jpegs]

divide and conq.jpg


class war.jpeg

congress bribery.png






4 entities.png


The best artistic rendition of the system I have found:
the system.jpg

The real reason they want to nip all popular movements in the bud:

I am tickled by the slight earnings from this vast pile of work and risk I took for the first cycle of Privacy Workshop, and am curious to see how long this stuff stays up here before some other tech renders steem into myspace-level value (as appears to happen to platforms as if by natural law) and content stops being served due to the high price of aws from all the bots, but I believe I'm going to work through different means from now on. I will not be posting often or much until there is more of a response Privacy Workshop will be on hiatus, expect only meme drops, reposts and resteems. I will keep experimenting until I find something that really works for me and everyone else too, which may not be this.

I hope above all that this privacy workshop, the links, the evidence of the real situation, are useful to at least a few people and that this hasn't just resulted in some escalation of my surveillance regimen.

The idea of a Privacy Workshop on steemit is a great idea, I am always astounded when good ideas don't take off. I feel like a rat gnawing at the edge of my cage and I'm like 'hey guys, give me a hand with this' and the population of steemit hovers in the corner while a few known informers stop by to ask a few ominous questions. And a bunch of people decorating the cage (with actual pictures of cages or pictures of imaginary escape tunnels) of the cage call me names.

And don't forget, The Conscious Resistance, Caitlin Johnston, Suzy Dawson, V4Vapid, Disobedient Media, PAL, "Family Protection", Anarchulpulco etc the "rainbow gatherings" and that vegan chef Kenny are not real, those are what cops/agents/disinfo/honeypots look like. They want to map out and deanonymize all holders of crypto coin while infiltrating and splitting every organized political movement in the united states and they are using steem to do it.

You have been warned. Damn they are rich though. Agents have a ton of time to post, it's their day job but they probably operate multiple identities and so rotate through them which is why their response times are so random. And the easiest things for agents to do?

-spend a few bitcoins to become a whale
-Repost, rehash, claiming to be themselves investigating something
-5 minute talking head posts about anything but the operational details of state surveillance
-upvote everyone who is part of their operational unit
-call anyone crazy who points out their obvious pattern
-obsess over something that is ultimately a distraction like Wikileaks or the DNC email hacks
-play victim (how dare you, who do you think you are!)
-not answer direct questions
-travel freely
-make videos of themselves with people who have more credibilty
-vouch for eachother(we drank beers! he slept on my couch!)

Never forget, Crypto means no one knows how you got it, where it is, how much you have or what you are going to do with it.

Steem and Bitshares are not crypto, they are blockchain but not crypto. Crypto means even the ownership of it is coded, and you can only get this by mining bitcoin, trading mined btc with anon accounts on anon networks, and monero. Everything besides that will have a traceable source. Every coinbase and bitshares transaction illuminates for a second and de-cryptofies ownership. This is in the interest of the state and those who want to know everything and who are truly threatened by the idea of crypto-coin.

Don't de-anonymize your coin. For this reason, I am no longer listing my bitcoin here because it is pointless for anyone to have to de-anon their coin to support me when there is an already non-anon ecosystem you should be a part of anyway. (I can't remove the address from previous posts if anyone at a later date runs across this.) If however you use bitshares like I do to trade things you earn on steemit, and you aren't afraid of being associated with the scary details of the real world discussed here, then I would appreciate any donations on the following Lockheed Martin affiliated platform:

bitshares: actual-mindhawk

In a wish for peace and an end to stupid, perpetual war. Boycott all totalitarianism systems and wars and violations of human rights that inevitably result. You may not be able to stop it but you don't have to give them your money.

And as a bonus remember:


More on this in coming posts.


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