Australia's AREA 51 joint TOP SECRET military base Whats' going on there , Aliens ? Spying ? We Demand Answers!

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In a remote location near Alice Springs in Australia's Northern Territory lies one of the worlds largest ground satellite tracking station.
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This facility is partly run by the CIA , NSA , NRO and is believed to be Australia’s version of Area 51.
The Pine Gap facility is so secretive that Australian members of Parliament are not even informed about what happens at the base.
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Many people living in the local area have talked about UFOs flying around the base.
There are also people that believe UFOs are being reverse engineered at Pine Gap.
In the 1990s whistle blower was reported to have claimed to work on between 12 and 14 “Strange Craft” held in secure hangers at the Salisbury “Defence Science and Technology Organisation “ or DSTO facility in Adelaide South Australia. He described them as “Star Wars like” . Some had been accessed and seemed very complex and others quite basic looking . The witness was apparently frightened while performing basic work on the objects.
The worker also described “Creatures recovered from the craft of several different types and two being male. They were described as having completely different internal organs , smaller lungs and were all deceased.


Project 1947 By Bill Chalker

Research on electromagnet propulsion linked to US research is also believed to be studied at Pine Gap since 1966.

There is reports of huge amounts of food being stockpiled in warehouses on the site.
Pine Gap is also believed to be a multi level underground facility.

Construction of the facility started in 1967 and its believed the strategic location and it's angle to the horizon allows the base to be able to spy on any continent around the globe except Antarctica and the Americas.
Official roles of the base are said to include links to the “space based infra-red system”, targeting for US drone strikes and locating WOMD. Signals collected at Pine Gap also come from three Orion satellites including missile telemetry , radio communications ,microwave transmissions , mobile telephone transmissions , radar and other military transmissions.


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Like Area 51 it is very hard to access and photography is limited to glimpses from a Mountain known at the MacDonnell Ranges at Burt's Point approx six or seven Kilometres from the base.
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According to an article on FORTUNE CITY the US government first entered into Top Secret negotiations with Australia in the 1960s about building a facility at Pine Gap.
The US selected the location for its remoteness and strategic location.
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There is approx 30 building on the sight and dozens of cloaked radio telescopes shaped like massive golf balls.

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Pine Gap - Australia , Its hidden and Covert Secrets.

Sydney Morning Herald , Newspaper Feb 2016

Daily Mail Australia Feb 2016

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Project 1947 By Bill Chalker

@marky personnel opinion

Australia and the US have always been in bed together.
I don't trust anything our Government's tell us.
Everything is on the table.

This encourages me to spend the time writing another article



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I don't think that there are alliances there.

It is where we keep paul hogan

Atom...bomb ?


Or we made ourselves a target for an Atom Bomb?

Nice article...i was watching a doco a few weeks ago about american opression and all their bases in differnt locations and the interviewer asked one of the top CIA officials about pine gap and he flat out denied it and said we dont have any bases in Australia,l.


Wow that very interesting.
I assure everybody its really there.
They dont deny it exists here, they just dont talk about it , if they do its all about our loving government and how we just use it for satellite comms.


Thats it they think we are all idiots well some are but more and more people are waking up by the day

Isn't it astounding what goes on right under our noses? Whatever the case, the most intriguing part of all the secrets...Is how they've convinced us that they can be trusted, after all they have done already. It's wild.


Yes , how many people do you talk to that get all their facts from our loving government. Right down to our diets , vaccinations ,medications and flourides in our water.

That road sign is definitely making a statement :) lol I wonder if i live up to a day when NSO will be announce publicly to be real and contacts will be made :) there has to be a good reason to invest so much money into such facilities :)