The Real Conspiracy Behind Conspiracies [The snooze button phenomenon]

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AEB0370B-4463-4CCA-B749-BCA7CE677F04.jpegI need to break the habit of procrastination.

Procrastinating is a thing that I have been struggling with since the day I discovered the glorious and evil snooze button on my alarm clock.

This is such a deeply embedded problem that I wonder if it isn’t some sort of twisted conspiracy to make highly intelligent people less likely to succeed.

Daydream cloud appears to paint the picture of such a conspiracy

First, to decide if a conspiracy theory has any merit, one should think: “Who would benefit from the result of this conspiracy?”.

Then, once you pin point the beneficiary, if ever, you have to decide if it is a realistic possibility.

In my example, with the snooze button, if it was a part of a larger conspiracy to create bad habits in highly intelligent people, who would gain from the result? In other words: Who doesn’t want intelligent people to do well?

The answer is not important because... my theory is burdened by vanity.

For example: Why does it have to be limited to intelligent people? Why not stupid people too?

Oh, Great.

(Sarcastically great, not actually great).

So if my conspiracy theory is to be measured I would need to consider that perhaps the snooze button is present to ruin the day of intelligent people AND the lower IQ population.

Usually, at this point I grow weary of the ponderous mystery.

Daydream cloud fades


That’s probably a bit on the narcissistic side though, isn’t it? For me to believe that my repeating pattern of waiting until the last minute to get things done ... is the fault of some conspiracy, underlined the REAL problem, painfully.

Have I confused you yet?

I am confused too, don’t worry.

So, in my mind somehow I am trying to find a reason for the things that unfold I my life. I want to blame the snooze button, I really do.

I know the actual problem though.

It is the thing called being lazy! AC57CB51-684D-4804-9D79-9B42B248D348.jpeg

Yes I confess I am a lazy human.
It was laziness that made me tap that snooze button all those years ago. It is laziness at the root of my procrastination habit too.

I should be working- right now! This last 30 minutes I spent trying to find a reason that I procrastinate so much... I was procrastinating!

I still am, right now. Every sentence is just another line in the book of my procrastinations. Haha 😂

Back to work, Lori. back to work.

This procrastination was brought to you, by me.



Oh @lorilikes... always speaking my language! I suffer from the same affliction. I should be finishing a test report but look what I'm doing instead...Steemit!
Ps. I love my snooze button :)

I have written at least 3 songs entitled "snooze button" lol

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