DTube | "They talked about police shooting blanks to see what would happen" - Florida School Shooting

in conspiracy •  2 years ago 

Lots of talk about drills around the Florida school shooting and this guy has more interesting detail about what police said they might be doing at the next shooting "drill".

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I’m a teacher & the way this “teacher” looks & talks is sort of convincing - I mean to look the part or act the part, however the things he says sounds like he’s talking in circles & sounds like he’s purposely trying to interject information in order to make his story confusing. Same with the “female student” witness account video posted by @sparkyscove...the girl is talking in such circles. It’s that confusing talk again that happens so often in these events. I’m sorry, but why are these kids even separated from their administrators or teachers. How are they getting isolated to be giving interviews so soon after the event? Why are they not in large groups of students or near parents or police? When we had a fire after school once at my school everyone was pretty much collectively gathered together. Why aren’t these kids being kept somewhere until their parents pick them up & under teacher/staff supervision. Also, I don’t think teachers or these kid’s parents necessarily want these “traumatized” students talking to reporters. This is all so odd & does not add up. Even if they are freshmen it still seems they are too young to be speaking to random reporters - if this was real then the reporters look like total vultures asking children to talk about heinous things that just happened to them. I just can’t accept that this is how things would really happen. In my experience kids would all be standing around together in a group & there would not be sets of kids everywhere giving interviews. I have so many opinions as a teacher why none of this seems legitimate...and as someone who has followed Nathan's school shooting hoax research on past “shootings” there is also so much that doesn’t add up. There’s no way that anything in the real world moves this fast...the timeline for the “shooting” seems too fast...the uber ride seem too fast...the news reporters seem too soon...the news report of him in the courtroom being spoken to by the judge happens too quickly...sheriff Israel giving his opinion about mental illness & Facebook & baker law & guns with the perfect backdrop of police car lights flashing looks set up...trump’s speech was pretty well rehearsed...admittedly I haven’t watched him give too many speeches...I usually watch clips of him from vloggers...but how did he deliver that speech so well & not talk off script or interject his personal opinion like he often does...by the way it was the blue-tie trump- is that significant? How did the senators & Paul Ryan already have rhetoric all set to speak on so quickly. This “event” just happened. How can everything in the real world roll out like this? In my experience it doesn’t. Please let me know your thoughts. Thanks all! Resteemed

@lifttheveil411 man I need one of those Russian bot shirts - Hahahaha - mane this stuff crazy thanks for sharing yea my video was also removed from YouTube https://steemit.com/dtube/@asherunderwood/z5rbms9p

I'm glad you're uploading this stuff to dtube. It appears youtube is censoring this kind of information.

Yes @florio Youtube censored my video as well https://steemit.com/dtube/@asherunderwood/z5rbms9p

I have one for you, listen around the four minute mark. Drill.
Ok, going to watch your video.

I am not saying nor have I ever thought any of the incidences were hoaxes. I wish that those incidences never happened, that way, no deaths, no physical injuries. But because it is being reported that an incident took place, a traumatizing one, why are those students being paraded around the media outlets and being manipulated and exploited into pushing an unconstitutional agenda when they should have been in counseling immediately. Not by a Dr. who can prescribe drugs, but a professional counselor.

I'd like to add to this, please do not up vote my comments related to this topic. I do not want $$ for it. If you agree, just comment "up vote". I do not want $$$. thank you in advance.