Stephen Paddock: Arms dealer? Child trafficker? | Las Vegas Shooting False Flag

in conspiracy •  2 years ago

This is a in-depth look into Stephen Paddock, the alleged Las Vegas shooter, and potential ties to arms / child trafficking.

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Holy shit!

You deserve more votes. This is better journalism than the so called mainstream media. Get this out there everybody. I'm tired of living under the empire of lies. These psyhcopaths NEED to be exposed.


Yes .. so true

Mate you narrate damn well . Great video ... I'm surprised people have not viewed this as much !!! I must say steemians get too caught up in making money and reading posts that are Hot and will in turn monetize their posts !!!

Found a clip of the Eternal Cry youth ministry you found. Looks like you're onto something. Notice the simulated terrorism and black robes. wth?


Wow, this is really crazy. It all just gets deeper and deeper. Thanks for posting

Hoovers is a reliable source--AirSea Charters, Inc., is listed as a company providing transportation services using boats, no mention of the planes, weirdly. President listed is John Rogers and principle is James A. Rogers. Address and phone number: 1809 N 132nd Avenue Cir
Omaha, NE, 68154 United States (Address is a house in residential area.)
(402) 206-6862 † (they have the symbol of the crucifix a few places). No longer a working number and company did belong to deceased pilot John W. Rogers. The Christian tie-in, again, is interesting.
Here is the info on BizPedia where there is no mention of James A. Rogers, just John. No description of company but lists account as active:

Great stuff !!!

Nice work :) here is alittle tid bit, the address 6544 Fairway Forest is owned by John Warren Rogers and Frances Jean Rogers. USH Inc. is Universal Student Housing