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The biggest story on the Internet - Q and "The Storm" - just got a lot more interesting as YouTuber and longtime puzzler / ARG player, Defango, claimed that he and some of the people behind Cicada 3301 were also behind the Q phenomenon. I review the video where Defango makes the claim and address what some of the other QTubers have been saying about Q lately. The second half of the show is packed with amazing callers, including @frankbacon, @tlavagabond, @steveouttrim and the subject of the show himself, @defango.

This is must-see YouTube and is guaranteed to start a lot of uncomfortable conversations amongst the people who have dedicated their channels and blogs to investigating every detail of Q's daily posts.

A great kickoff to 2018 and happy new year to all of my fellow Steemians! It looks like it's going to be a year to remember.


Thanks for the shout out Nathan I appreciate it. I wish I could phone in but I don't have a mobile which is almost a disability today due to the brain injury which just can't deal with the apps and messengers that you are signed up for by owning one. I realised I didn't get to tell @frankbacon this too I am just working out Steemit still and it's hard to speak without it being public. Good show the callers are on a similar track to the one I had thought about which is good for the viewers who can be living in a reality that's damaging them and I think content creators aren't aware of the effect the constant barrage of saviour messages has on the hopeful.

Much love all around. Even to @Defango I am sure he thinks he is doing the right thing and none of us know anything really so I see people who have a good meaning plan for change just crossing the path of others with the same motivation.

Great show Nathan! Even if larp-ing is done with a goal of ultimate good in mind, it’s a form of hoodwinking and manipulation that no one in their right mind should be happy with. I think those that want to control everything underestimate humanity’s ability to deal with real truth. We'll get there eventually.

I think another listener suggested the following perspective...

"Therefore speak I to them in parables: because they seeing see not; and hearing they hear not, neither do they understand." Mathew 13:13. #Seek2018

That's so true. But darn it, I'm ready for the beef already, lol.

Great way to kick off the year with a mind-blowing show, glad I could be part of it.

Great show! This definitely highlights an example of the type of controlled opposition within the truth movement. Peace and love to you and Doshi.


I told you SteemIt is where it's at Bruv!


Let's talk Radio soon my man!

First time I got to put a face to the name! I think I understood the situation you were in makes you question why someone who is the same would broadcast it. I have been in places I don't ever want to think about again let alone document but I know at the time people who were down there with me turned it into their persona out of shame that they wanted to possibly own... Anyway people do the opposite of what I tend to do or think so I expect not to get the reasons why...

I don't agree with some things you believe Nathan. But I have been watching you for a while now. They played with your mind and that doesn't sit right with me. It is funny how Defago came out after this video saying he was the one who said what ever...he didn't say he was recruited to write some of the questions though...lol. He's a nerd trying to be cool!

that was an epic 4 hour show Nathan :)

Thanks for putting up links to the people who called in. I've followed them and am looking forward to more info coming forth. Excellent show, it was worth the listen.

This was an excellent show, long, but well worth the listen.
Happy New Year to you and Doshi!

Yes, I agree, one should not be lying to "get the truth out", and yes Defango spilled the beans, he deff told and I believe the people behind cicada is deff behind #Qanon. God Bless

wow this is so amazing

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